Stop airplane pollution - end tax breaks for airlines!

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Ryanair has just become one of the top 10 biggest carbon polluters in Europe. The other nine are all coal plants. Emissions from airplanes are growing faster than any other sector, but governments keep giving airlines tax free fuel. This is why I’m calling for the EU governments to stop these unfair tax breaks that are wrecking our climate.

This tax free fuel for airlines is why taking a plane can be cheaper than taking a train! Motorists pay fuel tax every time they fill up their tank - so why don’t airlines like Ryanair?

If we’re serious about taking care of our environment these tax breaks for massive airlines has to end. Countries such as Norway and Japan have already chosen to tax kerosene for domestic flights - now it’s time EU governments do it for all flights. They have the power to make these changes, but they’ll only do it if there is enough pressure from ordinary people like you and me.

Please sign my petition to help end this special tax break for airlines and to help clean up our air.

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