Lets ask the EU parliament to suspend\fine Farage for breaches of the code of conduct

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I hold a Portuguese law degree including EU law and as an expatriate Ive been following EU matters avidly.

Nigel Farage has been in the EU parliament for 17 years and in that time has created an atmosphere bordering on hate within the parliament itself.

But only now with his flaunting  of the EU Parliament code of behaviour for MEPS during the opening session  of the new Parliament recently, has it been possible to bring  a formal complaint to the EU parliament.

By turning their backs on ode to Joy the Brexit MEPS are all indictable for the same offence and are in breach of the first four rules of conduct..

In addition whenever the opportunity has presented itself Farage has resorted to hate speech and pure defamation when making speeches to the parliament in our name. 

This is our chance to show the EU Parliament and the other 27 member states that Farage does not represent the will of the British people and is not entitled to claim that he does .

Disrupting the proceedings of the parliament , hate speech and defamation are all forbidden under the EU rules of conduct for MEPS but the Parliament will not sanction individual MEPS unless the citizens of the state they belong to ask for it. 

The petition also asks for a change in the law henceforth increasing penalties  for such behaviour including the permanent removal of any MEPS who resort to such misconduct. 

Farage by his constant misbehaviour has misrepresented the wishes of the British people for years , it is time he was stopped. We can , acting together do that . We can also ask for the law to be changed  if at least one  million citizens of the EU regardless of their nationality  and place of residence, ask for it by  backing this petition .

A copy of the English translation of the petition,which is being submitted in Portuguese, as much to make a point, as to ensure  the content remains in line with the Napoleonic Code, will be made available. to those who want to read it. 

Please support.