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I am starting a petition to raise awareness and to free the poor fish being used as visual merchandise on pretty much every single La Mer counter in the world.

La Mer is a luxury skin care/cosmetics brand  which is sold in over 50 countries.

There are 9 counters in the UK alone, all of which have an approx 1m tall x 1m wide x 30cm thick fish tank as a centre piece with on average 9 big fish trapped inside. 

If every country in the world has at least 9 counters, thats at least 4,050 helpless fish stuck inside of a tiny space with absolutely no life what so ever. But please remember, countries such as America, Australia, Canada and China will have A LOT more than 9 counters, there will probably be at least 9 counters in each state.

Los Angeles ALONE has 30 La Mer counters = at least 270 fish. 

If we were to times that by the amount of states in the US, this would give us a result of approx 13,500 fish.

Beijing ALONE has 13 La Mer counters = at least 117 fish.

If we were to times that by the amount of provinces in China, this would give us a result of approx 2,574 fish.

Please remember at this point that La Mer is sold in OVER 50 countries.

Fish are intelligent species and don’t deserve to be in a department store, stuck inside of a tank smaller than my TV all day every day until their sad existence comes to an end. 

Fish are also sensitive to noise and loud music playing 7 days a week for up to 13 hours is extremely disruptive and distressing for them and I’m sure having children aggressively bang onto the tank continuously isn’t enjoyable for them either.

You would think that a company which sells 500ml of moisturiser for £1,520 could find the rescources to merchandise their counters more economically ??????

The tank adds no value to the counter and it definitely doesnt encourage customers to buy their products, I very much doubt anyone would decide to invest in a 15 hundred pound tub of average moisturiser as a result of seeing a few fish. It isn’t eye catching and it isn’t relevant. It’s cruel and it’s ignorant.

Even if you aren’t someone who is passionate about sea life, surely you can still see that this is wrong.

Please join me and sign this petition to help influencing brands realise that there are better, kinder ways to make their counters look great and help me shame and shine light on brands who clearly have no concept of another beings life. 

 “Dear La Mer/Estee Lauder - please use your companies wealth to merchandise your counters in a better way.

Please don’t continue to merchandise your counters with features that have no relevance to your products.

Please don’t be a brand that encourages fish being stuck in tanks all day every day for the customers entertainment.

Please don’t be ignorant to the fact that fish do not belong in department stores.

Please don’t disregard another beings existence.

Please don’t set a bad example to other aspiring brands.

Please don’t contribute to animal cruelty.”


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