Agony Censorship

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the ESRB and PEGI,

We understand the real need of your existence as we understand the veracity of your grading system. However, do not forget the fundamental human rights established in 1948 of the 58 member states that constituted the General Assembly. Article 19 of this universal text reads as follows: "Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression, which implies the right not to be disturbed by his or her opinions and that of seeking, receiving and spreading , regardless of borders, information and ideas by any means of expression whatsoever ".

End quote. We imagine that your censorship decisions regarding the Madmind studio and the Agony game are legitimate, except they are not. Sigmund Freud has said it well "Catharsis is based on the abreaction of the affects related to the trauma, that is to say the emotional discharge that accompanies the awareness.The catharsis is thus the process, sometimes emotionally violent, with The catharsis is the first necessary step of a distance, or an objectification of the trauma that can lead to a real process of perlaboration of the event, that is to say to say its integration, by the means of language, in the history of the subject. "

We emphasize that the cinema affects more the passive spectator who undergoes the violence of the scenes than a video game where the player certainly lives the scene but knows that it's a fiction. The cathartic effect is obviously not the same. And that within the limits erected by the morals and ethics of society, as well as the need to escape, I mean by this cathartic need, a work can not be deprived of its artistic essence and script. We put forward a stronger censorship than that of the cinema: we remind you that pedophilia does exist in certain titles in the cinema forbidden to under 18 years and yet broadcast! Regarding Agony, the game has such a dark artistic context that it is difficult to go beyond violence, fear, blood and sex to a certain extent! That's why today I'm sending you this petition based on your common sense, and respecting the tastes of the adult public. Why not use other measures like a parental code system included in the game?


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