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Maximum sentencing for Bradley Hubbard the Pensacola dog molester

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As we all know, child molesters and serial killers often start preying on innocent animals before they move on to humans. Bradley Jean Hubbard, a 23 year old, abused his family dog "Baby Girl" sexually, physically, mentally, and emotionally. A family member reported the disturbing situation after telling authorities she had witnessed the suspect take the dog into his room, and told police the assaults had been happening FOR YEARS, and had gone on more than 100 times. Yet, she did nothing about it until the damage was already done. She stated she had witnessed the attacks through a hole in the man’s bedroom door as the result of a past violent outburst. This man is  clearly disturbed and violent. The woman described the dog whimpering in pain, and that the frequency of the sexual assaults had recently increased prompting the woman to notify police fearing the dog’s safety. When ever anyone would ask about the dog’s physical symptoms, Hubbard told them “Baby Girl” was in heat. He had multiple chances to correct this behavior, but continued. On December 28, Hubbard allegedly came into her bedroom, grabbed the dog and took her into his bedroom after which she heard the dog crying out in pain and said she couldn’t take it any longer. "Baby Girl" has since been removed from the home, and a veterinarian examination shows her genitalia abused consistent with rape. The report states the dog is very aggressive and only loyal to one person at a time. Can anyone blame her? In 2011, Florida passed a bestiality law. Please sign if you think Bradley Hubbard deserves the maximum penalty. "Baby Girl" deserves justice.



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