Stop Patrick Nunziata from speaking at ESA grad

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I’m asking for your support today because I heard that trustee Patrick Nunziata is due to speak at grad and I have some concerns I’d like to share.

I was at the budget meetings on June 11 and 19 and I watched as this awful budget got approved. Some of the trustees gave impassioned speeches expressing their outrage over the position that the Ford government has put the TDSB in.

Whether they voted for or against passing the budget, they stood up for our children by expressing their outrage over cuts to many important programs. They spoke out about cuts to music. They voiced the concerns they heard from their constituents. They expressed outrage as they felt they needed to pass a budget they were deeply opposed to in order to avoid government interference.

Patrick Nunziata was silent.

And I know that he heard from the ESA community. As ESA is losing a vital member of the music theatre team in Michael Viera as well as others, it doesn’t seem appropriate that he get on stage to address graduates and parents. Ironically, it appears that Patrick Nunziata is a visual artist. 

In addition, where will future ESA music students come from when there are no longer music programs in our middle schools?

In times like these we need to stand up and speak out. We need to express our outrage over cuts that hurt our kids. And we need to make sure our voices our heard. And when those we’ve elected refuse to hear our voices, we need to let them know we’re watching, we’re listening and we deserve more. Our children deserve more.

Please tell Patrick Nunziata that the ESA community does not want to hear from someone who will not stand up for the arts, for our children, for the future of our beloved school.