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Please Represent Us to File a Class-Action Lawsuit against Formosa Plastics Group

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Update: Formosa Vung Ang HT had just formally admitted their role in causing the massive waves of dead fishes washing up in Central Coastal Region of Vietnam: Releasing untreated Toxic Hazardous Chemical directly into local Sea.

We are signing this Petition, on behalf of billions of marine creatures that were unjustly exterminated recently, and on behalf of millions of our countrymen living along side the coastal region of Central Vietnam, who are in dire situation because the ocean that serves as their sole source of food and income for generations has been ecologically destroyed.

Chúng tôi tham gia ký Kiến Nghị Thư này, thay mặt cho hằng tỷ Sinh Vật đã bị bức tử một cách bất công từ đầu tháng nay, cũng như thay mặt cho hằng triệu Đồng Bào tôi đang sinh sống ở miền Duyên Hải, Trung Phần Việt Nam, đang đối diện với Nguy Cơ bị Tiêu Vong, vì vùng Vịnh Vũng Áng, nơi bao đời cư dân vùng biển nơi đây đã chọn làm Môi Trường để Làm Ăn Sinh Sống, đang từng bước bị “Hủy Diệt”.

We'd like to invite you to investigate this Crime, to find out what [or who] caused this Environmental Catastrophe. And if Formosa Plastic Group turned out to be the main culprit as suspected, we'd like also for you to represent us to file a class-action law suit against this Formosa Plastics Group, as well as the [Officials of] Ha Tinh Province [that permitted this evil corporation to operate in Vung-Ang Gulf].

Chúng tôi tha thiết mời gọi quí vị hãy mở một cuộc Điều Tra, để truy ra nguyên do, thủ phạm chính, đã gây nên Thảm Họa Môi Trường tại nơi đây. Nếu đích thật Formosa Plastics Group đúng là Thủ Phạm như suy đoán của chúng tôi, thì xin bà hãy Đại Diện cho chúng tôi để hoàn thành thủ tục Khiếu Kiện [Tập Thể] (Class-Action Law Suit), yêu cầu Formosa Plastics Group [và những kẻ Tòng Phạm] phải Gánh Nhận Trách Nhiệm trước Pháp Luật, Cải Tạo Môi Trường, Hoàn Trả lại những Điều Kiện [Môi Trường Sống/Hệ Sinh Thái] Lành Mạnh và Sạch Đẹp như xưa, và quan trọng hơn hết là phải Đền Bù những Thiệt Hại [Vật Chất cũng như Tinh Thần] do Formosa Plastics Group gây ra cho Vùng Biển Trung Phần VN. [Bản Tiếng Việt]

Because of their outrageous long history of disregard for the Environment, aiding by the Incompetent and/or Corrupted Officials of the Communist Regime in Vietnam, who kept turning a blind eye to allow Formosa Vũng Áng HT to operate its steel mill without any adequate regulation or supervision, as the result, Formosa Plastics has been able to dump unknown amount of toxic wastewater into the ocean during the construction of the mill, not counting the testing process.

Since early April, tons of dead fish of all kinds and sizes started to float ashore along the coastal areas where Formosa Vũng Áng HT is located. Two weeks later, after daily cries and protests from affected local residents as well as petitions and demands from concerned Netizens [mainly on Facebook], only then local authority began to take action to investigate this Catastrophe.

One diver had died near the site, probably because of the toxic chemical waste Formosa Vũng Áng HT released out to sea without being properly treated as required by law [internationally or locally]. Many [at least 5] of his diving teammates were also hospitalized for breathing disorder or Poisoned symptoms; one was diagnosed as being a case of Metal Toxicity (Cr or Cu). New waves of dead fishes have been seen on the beaches again, according to recent reports.

Yet, the Politburo, Government of Vietnam, still remain silent. Official Media Outlets only mention the Disaster these past few days--three weeks later.

No Certified or Accredited Agency has shown any serious interest to investigate the Cause of these massive waves of dead fishes. No Scientific or Reliable Measure has been taken to Determine the Severity of the Contamination, to gather Information or Evidence to Determine Who or What should be Responsible for this Murderous Act [Responsible to Repair/Pay for the Damage]--except a few unofficial promises... to "look into it" by some minister-level officials.

Formosa allegedly had dumped at least 297 tons of [40] hazardous toxins into our ocean just to "wash the [hidden] pipeline" that will carry [supposedly treated] wastewater out to sea. According to Tuổi Trẻ, after given the "Green-Light" to dump wastewater straight out to the coastline, in the first quarter of 2016, Fomorsa Plastics has discharged 931,830 m3 toxic chemical waste onto the gulf, averaging 10.000m3/day. And for that, Formosa has just operated 1/4 of its authorized capacity (45,000m3/day)--during construction and trial phase.

Who can tell what this Chinese-Owned steel mill will do next when it goes into full production, without any proper Regulation or Supervision? This fragile and pristine habitat will certainly be drastically polluted. All inhabitants in the region will be terminally affected--if not terminated.

The Vietnamese Communist Government does not care [for as long as they can line their pocket with blood-money to look the other way] even if that would mean the Environment and the Vietnamese People will slowly be Poisoned to Death.

The poor Victims in Vietnam don't know what to do to get out of this Noose.

We think the best way to save them is to file a Class-Action Law Suit, to force Formosa Vũng Áng HT to abide by International Rules and Standards, and to demand the Culprits to Repair and Reimburse the Victims for their Misdeeds.

Please help them.


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