Help The Erie Zoo Become A Happier Place

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I've been to the Erie Zoo so many times while growing up. And during those times, I noticed more and more that the animals were looking depressed living in such small homes. And as animal lover, it breaks my heart seeing them like this. The Erie Zoo has to become a much bigger and popular attraction, more animals becoming part of it, such as cheetah's, elephants, black panthers, gorilla's, and even sea creatures, etc. And most of all, the animals need much bigger homes so they'll have more space and be happier, so we must be prepared for that part before new animals come in. And so, if you're an animal lover, and growing up coming to the Erie Zoo as well, then please do what's best for your favorite animals. Or maybe make the zoo into a preserve much like the T.I.G.E.R.S. Preserve in South Carolina, or make it a bit like the Big Cat Rescue in Florida.