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Make "Congratulations" Erie High School's graduation song.

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The graduation song for Erie High School’s class of 2017 should the Congratulations by Post Malone, and I will explain why.

I have been making music for 6 years and have been in love with it for almost 19 years (my entire life). I have become skillful at analyzing songs in hopes of learning new music techniques and becoming a better overall musician. When I analyzed the song Congratulations I found the message of the song was “if you work as hard as you can, you will be able to prove everybody who doubted you wrong.” Not accepting this song as the graduation song tells the kids to ignore positive messages as such. The song does have a few vulgar words and lines, but the clean version fixes that issue.

It’s the kid’s graduation, not the faculty's. The kids picked this song and it’s only fair to allow them to have it.

I urge Erie High School to reconsider the graduation song for the class of 2017.

Go Tigers!

- John Schultz, Erie High School 2016 Graduate

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