Ban the De-Clawing of Cats in Erie County

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The de-clawing of cats is a cruel and inhumane procedure that millions of cats are forced to go through by their owners, who consider the value of their furniture over the life value of their cats. The procedure of de-clawing a cat can be compared to cutting off a humans finger at the first knuckle. It is extremely painful for the cats that are forced to go through this, and can lead to behavioral disorders in the future, including increased biting and refusal to use litterboxes, due to the pain caused from the wounds on the paws. Many cats returned to shelters are de-clawed, forced out of their homes due to the problems that de-clawing caused. Cats are a part of the family and should be treated as thus. Without their claws, cats have no way to defend themselves against predators or other animals and cannot climb to escape harms way. It is against a cats instinct, as they are natural born predators. When you take away the claws, you take away the cat.