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The audacity of Mal-practice and Corruption in LM Ericsson in Nigeria

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While several Ericsson top executives are currently involved with a US investigation of alleged bribes paid in Asia and Africa, the story is not different but worse in Nigeria where the company is soiled in yet another boiling scandal stemming from unethical employment sharp practices and workplace harassment of local staffs by a mafia of corrupt expatriates ruthlessly cutting down any potential Nigerian talents in order to gain control of lucrative opportunities.

The latest case involves a Nigerian woman Joy Ndukwe who emerged this year as the Winner of the topmost Ericsson Annual Sales Award (2016) across 30+ countries and was recognized globally internally in Ericsson by the Global CEO of Ericsson, Börje Ekholm who gave her global honors in Hawaii this year for her exceptional performance, dedication and results.

Joy, being a well-seasoned professional who has won every accolades available in Ericsson as a senior Account Manager over the last 11 years, and rewarded severally as one of the most Valuable Player, is one of the bright lights of the industry and exemplifies the Nigerian woman spirit of hard work, honesty and dedication as attested by a lot of her colleagues both local and foreign alike who love her work.

As is now characteristic of Ericsson in several markets in Africa and Asia, a clique of corrupt officials plant their cronies in strategic positions through employment manipulations and phony employment scams to perpetuate personal gains and pecuniary benefits at the expense of any existing code of ethics being preached by Ericsson, and those in authorities often turn the blind eye.

Despite all the top awards every year, global recognition and all the fan fares from Ericsson, Joy fell victim to this ruthless mafia-like scheme when she was globally selected for a regional role where these corrupt officials had vested interest. Just two months after receiving the topmost sales awards from Ericsson CEO Börje Ekholm in Hawaii, US and returning to Nigeria, she was reportedly severely threatened severally, harassed and being coerced to  "voluntary" resign by one Aaakaash Sehgal an Indian, Rutger Remen a Swedish national and their agents including one Atul Ojha and Omoniyi Adejoro who have successfully done same to other talented Nigerians before. When she resisted and all threats, and intimidation including laying siege at her residence failed, the gang quickly deleted her profile globally from Ericsson databases while she was still on a company approved 3 days leave.

Sources close to the matter informed that Nigerian globally acclaimed foremost Lawyer and human rights activist, Femi Falana SAN, has taken up this Ericsson case of employment recklessness, workplace harassment, and corrupt violation of due process and victimization of Joy which has both gender and racial coloration.

The case filed in Nigeria (SUIT NO. NICN/LA/562/2017 - JOY NDUKWE V LM ERICSSON) is slated for hearing this November 29th and reliable sources say that cases are being prepared to seek justice in the US where Ericsson is listed in the NY Stock Exchange.

The sheer scale of employment recklessness being perpetuated in Nigeria has got a lot of the current staff really uptight and authorities must start investigating Ericsson operations in Nigeria to curb the excesses as the United States are currently doing with their investigation.

The story shows the audacity of Mal-practice and corruption of Ericsson in Nigeria. Nigerians must arise now and fight against this evil being perpetuated against our compatriots!

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