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On August 5th 2017 my 4 year old son Eric James Cole was shot and killed. He was at a babysitter's house where they left a fully loaded handgun unsecured and accessible to my children. My 7 year old daughter at the time was there and had to be the one to find her brother on the floor, bleeding from the head after the weapon discharged once. She now suffers from PTSD as well as the rest of my family. After 10 long months we finally have charges in our son's case, however 1 thing has become strikingly clear, we need Child Access Prevention Laws.  It is the responsibility of the adult to make sure their weapon is secured and not accessible to children.  Our country, and my home state of Indiana do not currently have any laws to hold people criminally responsible for recklessly, carelessly, or negligently allowing children to access their firearms. Here are some quick facts to point out:  Children ages 2-4 are the number 1 victims when it comes to accidental shootings.  Also nearly 65% of school shootings that have occurred since 1974 have been found to be the result of those perpetrators getting their firearms from either their parents, or the house of a relative or family friend. Also, Child Access Prevention Laws have shown decreases in youth suicide as well.  It is my proposal that we pass Child Access Prevention laws that result in a felony if a minor is able to access an unsecured firearm as well as an upgraded felony if that child becomes fatally injured due to the unsecured and unsafe storage of the weapon. Please sign and share and help us to gain momentum to get our legislators aware of what we want and what is needed. Help us to pass Child Access Prevention Laws not only in Indiana but nationwide.  

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