Westwood Park's grass field is being replaced by an unnecessary 2nd synthetic soccer field

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Dear elected officials,

Westwood park is the only green area in the westside area (90024-5) where the neighboring residents can escape from their daily busy city life and have a moment of peace there . Previously this park had been neglected. Drought made it even worse and we thought once that we are loosing our park. Trees were dying, grasses were disappearing and poor maintenance were obvious everywhere. Recently ,especially for the last 2 years, we saw new changes, new trees, a new dog park, a new grass field, a cleaner look and a new management who was working hard to make our park look like a real park again. 

We surprisingly got a newsletter on April 24th stating that our neighborhood park is drastically changing and per its advisory board our grass field which was recently revived is turning into a synthetic soccer fields plus an outside public toilet !

We don’t know who suggested this project but whoever did couldn’t care less about this park, its green space and the people and children who live in this area and their opinion. From what we hear, nobody visiting this park really likes this change. 

We undersigned names opposing this soccer field project and believe that its absolutely unnecessary for our community due to the following reasons:

The park already has a fenced synthetic soccer field which is locked to the public and can only be used by reservation. The grass field is the only remaining open green space which makes this park to still look like a park not a sport complex where kids and families enjoy playing and spending their time there.

We don't know who is behind this project but this is a clear violation of the neighboring tax payer’s rights to change their park to something totally different without even asking their opinion first. As far as we know this project is so awful that even the park director and her staff were opposing It.

We think our grass field should be revived and better maintained and not being destroyed or replaced by an unnecessary fenced synthetic fields, like the current soccer field, which reminds you a prison with restricted access and not a park. We want to keep this open space for our children and the families and don't know any other park in LA where its artificial spaces are more than the greens let alone unnecessary extra soccer fields.

We urge that this project to be STOPPED immediately and reviewed by the city planing experts and community members before any new changes happen.

If there is a donation for this project, the money can be spent on making this park a better place and not destroying its beautiful nature.

Thank you