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Eradicate Dog fighting completely

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Thousands of Dogs around the World who are currently undergoing a short horrific life will be saved with a new approach. Penalties of 10,000 dollars against each spectator at these horrifying events do not seem to have much effect. I propose that a Law be passed letting anyone who leads the Police to these events, collect the penalty money. In other words, if there are 21 participants at a Dog fight and one of them tips off the Police - that individual can collect 200,000 dollars once the Fines are collected form the other participants.There won't be a single Dog fight anywhere where at least one person wouldn't take advantage of this Law to collect a large windfall. This would effectively end this horrifying crime. Its not just the viscious fights these poor Dogs are subjected to - its the inhumane training between fights where a Dog can be forced to carry a large heavy chain around for hours in order to build up strength.

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