Plea of mercy and compassion to Epizyme - please save Elijah’s life.

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Epizyme, please allow Elijah Gonzalez the compassionate and immediate use of Tazemetostat.

Please join us in helping our sweet baby boy Elijah Gonzalez in his fight against brain cancer.

After a resection surgery to remove most of the main tumor in his brain, five months of chemotherapy including bone marrow transplant, multiple MRIs, and additional procedures and surgeries, Elijah relapsed only three months after finishing conventional chemotherapy.

The family learned of an experimental drug called Tazemetostat that specifically targets the gene mutation in Elijah’s tumors and that it is showing great promise in clinical trials for children with AT/RT. In order to buy time with the hopes of being a part of the clinical trial for Tazemetostat, the family opted for two additional rounds of chemotherapy since the tumors are relentless and rapidly growing. Although Elijah’s health declined, he remained neurologically stable enough until the clinical trial for Tazemetostat opened, but unfortunately the trial did not open to new patients. Sadly, the family finds themselves at a loss and nearly out of options to save the life of their 22 month old son Elijah and they are running out of time. Each day that Elijah does not receive Tazemetostat, the tumors continue to grow and take over his brain.

The only hope, outside of a supernatural miracle, is to obtain a compassionate and immediate use of Tazemetostat. At this time, the family has the support of Elijah’s neuro-oncologist and the consent of the FDA for Compassionate Use. However the manufacturer of Tazemetostat, Epizyme, has denied the neuro-oncologist’s multiple requests for Compassionate Use and Right to Try Act for Elijah to use the drug.

This is where you come in. The family is asking for your help with a plea of mercy to Epizyme, the manufacturer of Tazemetostat, to give Elijah a fighting chance at survival! The family is grateful to Epizyme for creating Tazemetostat and its availability for several clinical trials, yet they need the use of Tazemetostat to be granted to Elijah in order to save their little boy’s life. The family would appreciate your support by sharing this with as many people as possible to generate awareness of Elijah’s situation and the fact that the Right to Try Act is rarely enforced.

Epizyme, please allow Elijah Gonzalez the compassionate and immediate use of Tazemetostat.

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