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Episode: Remove Sore Loser by Noob Loop from the App

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Taken from the post "Why Is Sore Loser Still on Episode? on the Episode Interactive Forums by TeeS.Originals ( :

"Hello again,

My name is Tee. I am not sure if you've seen my previous post about adding trigger warnings and discussing the story Sore Loser by Noob Loop.
However, I am writing this post to discuss this story -- once again.

It has been brought to my attention that Noob Loop -- restored her problematic content once again.

And once again, I am not blaming her or her fans; I am blaming EPISODE for allowing such content. It baffles me how both Cass & Liz follow her on Instagram, possibly aware of this triggering content.

So once again, I will get into detail why this is such a huge problem.

-Manipulative: She ENCOURAGES her readers to forgive their rapists. People shouldn't have to forgive someone that has permanently damaged and scarred their soul. In fact, she shames people for not being forgiving. This is VERY toxic, especially to survivors and overall, any audience that is easily influenced.

-Problematic: She continues to justify that it's just a story. No, it isn't just a story. Being raped is a reality and as someone who studies the content -- I have yet to encounter any evidence of it being possible to have a happy ending with your rapist. However, victims often suffer from Stockholm Syndrome, where a psychological alliance is formed, causing the victim to believe they're in love.

I got abused for three years, from age 8-11 and at almost 24, I am super scarred by this still. I know people older than me who are also traumatized.

-Insensitive: This should be self-explanatory. The story, her personality as a whole -- is completely insensitive.
-Obsessed with sexual coercion: THIS IS NOT HER ONLY STORY, glorifying sexual coercion. Have you ever read Pregnant By My Student? She has a sick obsession with forceful sex. Besides statutory rape -- the student coerced her to have sex with him.

And by Episode, Cass, Liz, and ANY OTHER EPISODE STAFF MEMBERS OR USERS allowing and glorifying this content -- means they're okay with promoting rape culture and that is truly upsetting. Cass and Liz were at the women's march and are really sitting here not answering people when they're expressing their concerns about an abused woman. What did you guys march for? For pics? To say you did so? You aren't standing up for women or any abuse victim overall if you continue to allow and maintain a relationship with an author who is currently scarring women all over the world.

Why is this still up?

Episode BANNED an author and ALL HER STORIES because of explicit content. Let me tell you, that author worked HARD on her stories. Being an amazing director, she lost all her work for some time because Episode didn't properly reason with her. That author may have violated the guidelines but she did everything in her power to fix it. Mind you, the violation was more or so the animations than the actual writing itself. But Sore Loser? BOTH THE ANIMATIONS AND WRITTEN CONTENT ARE WAY TOO INAPPROPRIATE for the app -- PERIOD. If the other author who got banned over explicit content then why isn't Noob Loop being treated the same? In fact, Sore Loser was banned and the content is still troubling. But whatever, I'll see how Episode feels when people start filing law suits because of the influences that are being brought upon their children.

And we get it, sex sells. But rape? Rape is something that shouldn't be promoted the way legal and consensual sex is. By allowing Sore Loser on this app, you are selling negative influences and are being rape-apologists by providing rape content to your consumers.

EDIT: I'd like to let you all know that yes -- I've considered the fact that MAYBE, the author is also suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. However, if she is an unfortunate victim, that does not mean she needs to get excused and continue her story on this platform. The story itself is a violation and whether she has SS or not -- it shouldn't be on this app period.

If there are any questions, comments, or concerns - please reach out to me via Instagram: @ts.theauthor."

This post has over 53 likes and 10 pages of comments in complete agreement. It was published on July 21st, 2017, which means it has been up for over 20 days. With the clear outrage over this story and its themes about forgiving rape, Episode should have taken it down days ago. Weeks ago. By not removing this story from the app, Episode:

  • is hypocritical in letting a story with disturbing and triggering themes of sexual assault remain on the app while its content guidelines clearly state that inappropriate sexual themes are not allowed
  • is allowing children as young as 11 years old (and perhaps even younger) to access a story that not only includes but promotes forgiving rape
  • is insensitive to the thousands of rape victims and survivors who still are affected by being exposed to triggering themes like the ones present in Sore Loser (the story does not even contain a trigger warning, and even if it did, a story with rape should not be on an app targeted at children and teenagers)

Episode, this is a serious matter. This is about protecting children and teenagers from being exposed to upsetting themes of sexual assault and protecting individuals who have felt first-hand what it is like to be raped. I urge you to take the community's concerns to heart and do what is right: remove this story from the app, once and for all.

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