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Add Perk Rerolls To Fortnite: Save The World

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Ever since the release of Fortnite, the progression system has been terrible, everything seems to be locked behind many layers of RNG. I am specifically talking about the llamas or "loot boxes".

In these "llamas" you can get many items that impact your progression in the game like heroes, survivors, weapons and traps (schematics).

The issue that lies with this system is not the heroes, or survivors. Its the weapons and traps. every schematic has a set of 'perks' that are all randomly selected when you receive these schematics, some of the perks that you can recieve are straight up garbage and useless which has caused much frustration in the community. It is EXTREMELY rare to actually get a weapon that has decent perks on it (for example crit chance, damage, crit chance, crit damage and an elemental roll). It's something that i think everyone can agree on that should be changed, because it is ridiculous. I was motivated to create this petition when these llamas could troll truck llama's rolled around a few days ago, these llamas are very expensive, about $15 for one llama iirc and they very rarely pop up in the daily llama rotation. you can only buy a max of 2 of these each time they come around for a day, and they are supposed to be really good, but most of the time you have to pray to RNG to actually get something good. Most of the time you get tons of schematics but they all have bad rolls of perks and its just simply not worth the money at all.

Epic has continued to dilute the pool of perk rolls by adding more and more and it has gotten to a point where its almost impossible to get a weapon with a godly roll on it. Luck determines how you progress in the game and that isn't fair.

If epic could remove the useless perks from the game and add perk re rolls, the community would be much much happier, and it would put this game one strp closer to becoming the game we all want and love.

please sign this petition to show epic how much we want this issue to be resolved and please share the petition around.

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