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THE JJR series is a great one. In this day and age with old school platformers coming back like Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario, why would not JJR be able to get a piece of the cake? Good platforming, lan/online multiplayer, shooting, lots of weapons/ammo, being able to create and share your own maps. People now would PAY to get a game, 2D platformer or not that had all those features. I for one dont think i'm alone.

If a game gets made in the same vein as the old games with almost the same features i am sure the game will sell well across all platforms. Being able to create maps on the XBOX 360, PS3 and PC so that everyone on all platforms could enjoy. If it were to be a 2D platformer/shooter cross support for online play would be a welcome addition to the map creation of the community. The possibilites with Jazz is endless and with this peition i hope Epic will listen and give us this. 

Also in how many games can you say THIS after playing it "I was playing as a rabbit that ran as fast as Sonic and i had a FUCKING gun"? He's like a cross between Rambo and Bugs Bunny. Shoots stuff like Rambo and is as fun and has humour like Bugs bunny.  

I will end this with his own catchphrase ""When you're a little rabbit, carry a BIG GUN!"" 

Letter to
Epic Games Jazz Jackrabbit
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Jazz Jackrabbit.

I would like a new Jazz Jackrabbit game for these reasons and ideas:

- Lan/Multiplayer, Coop/PVP
- Cross playing
- Create and share maps
- 2D platforming/shooting action
- Tell everybody that i just played a game where i was controlling a character as fast as Sonic but also carried a FUCKING gun

To me Jazz Jackrabbit is a great series that needs to see the light in this day and age.


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