Free skins in exchange for login error on Fortnite

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Sup ma niggas, as all of you should know at this time, Fortnite servers had been down for more than 15h now.

I've been thinking, and I'm convinced about the fact that Epic Games should compensate the players with one or a couple of skins for free, due to the long waiting to play since the login problems are a result of the latest game update.

A lot of companies had done this before when they keep the players out of playin for hours.

So what I'm demanding to Epic Games is:

  • One or two free skins (Not the more expensive ones or the ones that can only be obtained via Battle Pass like John Wick) or any kind of cosmetic (Dances, backpacks, hang gliders, whatever)
  • The player will be the one to decided what cosmetic he is getting between a large selection of items

Sign ma niggas! We have to defend our players rights!


R:Excuse my grammar errors, just a catalan, not english speaker. cya

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