SEA Server for COMPETITVE in-game Events

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Just wanted to say something to bring attention to the recent situation plaguing SEA players. Most SEA players have two main options for playing the game at the moment.

  • 1: Playing the default playlist on the Singaporean Server with 30 ping
  • 2:Playing ranked or ltms with 100+ ping

The recent SIPHON changes make the default playlist nearly unplayable due to the removal of shields, materials and health after kills. Most players who compete on a fairly high level feel these settings to be a necessity but with the unreasonable ping which is present in the ranked playlist, the probability of getting destroyed by Japanese players with less than 30 ping is noticeably high, making competitive play nearly impossible. The aforementioned Japanese players are able to replace walls even though we hold them down or shoot through walls which we have placed on our screens. This in addition to our already ping limitations makes the game, as I have emphasized before, unplayable. I hope to play Fortnite competitively and I am lost on what to do. Scrims are currently lacking in an active player base due to ARENA MODE while pub games and ranked are losing all semblance of competitive balance for SEA players. I just wanted to let people know of this situation.

With the removed of SIPHON and mats for each kill most people have turned to ARENA MODE. this is perfectly fine. SEA players can play normal games with close to 40 ping but whenever there is an ltm or gauntlet event or anything competitive event. We play on the other asian server with a ping of about 130+ and fluctuates a lot. Due to the higher ping, we can't build normally and get hit even though we aren't peeking. We can't do certain manoeuvres because of the higher ping and often are at a big disadvantage. Epic keeps pushing out new content which is nice but why can't they fix this one issue. ARENA MODE is completely unplayable after a certain point due to higher ping and it's just frustrating that all your chances of doing something are gone because you live in a particular region.

SEA servers have been implemented more 5 months ago but it's a sub region when it shouldn't be. I don't know why epic added SEA as a sub region as some of us get better ping on EU servers. In the ARENA MODE all I got were the Japanese servers.I was forced to play on 130+ ping. We have a lot of competitive players but we don't scrim because we would be getting 100+ ping most of the games . They are pushing for Korean and Japanese scene which is great from a business standpoint as well as competitive but it feels like they are leaving us in the dirt. Epic should separate SEA from the main Asia servers I have no idea why it isn't the main one. They should provide us SEA servers in ARENA MODE or thus we will be hatred to this game...

#WENEEDSEA                                                                                                              #THX4EVER                                                                                                                #EVRYONESUPPORT