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Stop The Pebble Partnership Open Pit Mine- Save Bristol Bay Alaska

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I am an have always been an avid hiker and a fierce outdoorsman. There is nothing better than losing yourself in pristine, untouched nature away from the hum of civilization to recharge your batteries and bring you peace and comfort. We no longer live in harmony with our Ecosystem and have forgotten that we need a pristine and clean nature in order for us to stay healthy and continue to live long and fulfilling lives. 

Jerry Brown, the California governor said it best, when he stated that he is tired of declaring emergencies throughout his state and that the whole world in in environmental peril and a global state of emergency must be declared. Climate summits of nations seem to do little else but talk. And as we all know, talk is cheap so it’s time for action.

Profit and growing the American economy should not be the main focus of the Environmental Protection Agency. 

That’s why I was shocked and dumbfounded when I heard that the newly appointed EPA Administrator, Scott Pruitt removed environmental protections in order to fast track one of the biggest mining projects in the heart of Bristol Bay Alaska, one of the last few places on Earth that exists in a pristine and natural state, untouched by the fires of industry.

The Pebble Limited Patnership Open Pit Mine was approved by Scott Pruitt while the EPA was still preparing a scinetific review on thr validity and safety of this project. CNN also obtained documents through the freedom of information act, showing communications between Scott Pruitt’s office and Pebble officials even before Pruitt took on his new office.

“Within hours of meeting with a mining company CEO, the new head of the US Environmental Protection Agency directed his staff to withdraw a plan to protect the watershed of Bristol Bay, Alaska, one of the most valuable wild salmon fisheries on Earth.

In 2014, after three years of peer-reviewed study, the Obama administration's EPA invoked a rarely used provision of the Clean Water Act to try to protect Bristol Bay after finding that a mine "would result in complete loss of fish habitat due to elimination, dewatering, and fragmentation of streams, wetlands, and other aquatic resources" in some areas of the bay.

In total, EPA's peer-reviewed analysis of Bristol Bay found, based on Pebble's SEC filings, the mine site could cover an area the size of Manhattan. And the pit could be about 80% as deep as the Grand Canyon.” - Drew Griffin, Scott Bronstein and John D. Sutter, CNN

This administrations’ attitude has been to bow down to pressure from the oil and industrial sectors. Corporations seem to have the ear of the government, unlike the general public of American Citizens. The United States and its leaders of government and industry have clearly shown that profit is more valuable than the health, safety and future of the American People.

From the United States pulling out of the climate talks, the BP spill in the Gulf Of Mexico, to the Standing Rock movement to stop a pipiline, you can clearly see that our public servants and elected officials have failed in their duty to protect and serve the needs of the American People. They only seem to serve profit and and needs of the few special interests, with very near sighted goals that use loopholes in the law to get around science and environmental laws and continue business as usual.

Our environment and future generations cannot suffer these environmental atrocities any longer, and we the people must all stand up to our government officials when we see clear wrong doing.

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