Limit BP Votes for Other BPs to 5 Million EOS Maximum

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To promote fairness and greater decentralization, I'm proposing that EOS BPs limit the number of votes they can assign to other BPs at a maximum of 5 million.

Currently, Bitfinex is voting between 10 million and 40 million EOS for up to 30 other BPs. These votes go a LONG way to ensuring the recipients are among the Top 21. In most cases, Bitfinex's votes make up between 50% AND 90% OF THAT BP'S TOTAL VOTES. I am in no way anti-Bitfinex. They are just one example - there are others.

Unfortunately, this disparity often prevents lesser known BPs, who don't have larger BPs' support, from being among the Top 21 on a regular basis. However, many of them provide JUST AS MUCH VALUE, IF NOT MORE VALUE, than several of the Top 21.

Let's make this a bit more of a meritocracy rather than an old-boys club by showing your support for the above! If we get enough people to sign this and gain enough attention, perhaps we can propose it (or a version of it) as an amendment to the constitution. GO EOS!