Release Breaker High 20th Anniversary DVD

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Breaker High is a popular Canadian television show which was created by Cori Stern and Laura Wegner. It premiered September 15th, 1997 on YTV.

Breaker High was an instant hit! Everyone watched this show and talked about it. 17 years later, it is still talked about among 20-somethings.

Breaker High is not only culturally important as it relates to Canada, but it is culturally important as a whole because the show was about students travelling the world and experiencing other cultures. This show has definitely inspired viewers to travel!

We love this show and we want to honour it. We are asking you to please release Breaker High on DVD. We would like to have this done in time for Breaker High's 20th anniversary September 15th, 2017.

We would also like to see cool DVD extras like bloopers and cast and crew interviews. A special poster would be cool, too!

We want to own one of our favourite shows on DVD to watch whenever we please and to support some of our favourite actors.

Andrew Airlie played Captain Ballard. He also happens to be the father of one of Breaker High's students.

Anne Openshaw played a teacher named Ana Mitchell. She's pretty cool!

Richard Ian Cox played Tony Gifford, the student activities counselor. He's a hoot!

Bernard Cuffling played the ship's cook, Nigel Mumford. How many times did he have to deal with students sneaking into his kitchen?

Rachel Wilson played Tamira Goldstein. She is very sweet and down to earth. She is the type of person everybody wants to be friends with.

Terri Conn played the wealthy Ashley Dupree. She is snobby at times but we've seen the heart she has and we love her with Alex.

Kyle Alisharan played cool boy Alex Pineda. He dated Ashley and was the least crazy dude on the ship. :P

Tyler Labine played belly-shaking Jimmy Farrell. Jimmy is certainly a unique character. He loves to eat. He and his best friend Sean are always up to some sort of tomfoolery.

Ryan Gosling played Sean Hanlon. He is Jimmy's best friend. Sean loves to tell girls to call him leaves messages for himself on his tape recorder. Sean and Jimmy are always in competition with each other whether it's for who can get the girl or eat the most.

Persia White played Denise Williams. She was very into academics. She often held the the girls together during tough times.

Wendi Kenya played Cassidy Cartwright. She likes adventure sports and she dated Max. She has no time for the boys who chase her.

Scott Vickarious played Max Ballard. He is the son of the ship's captain and has a bad-boy attitude. Max can be found giving people dirty looks or punching them for giving HIM dirty looks.

Please sign and share my petition. Thank you for reading and supporting this. Ahoy!!!