Solution, not pollution - rethink how Ireland deals with sewage

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This petition calls on Irish Water and the Irish Government to stop adding to the climate crisis by polluting our rivers and sea with current outdated sewage treatment methods. We hereby petition them to do the following:

1. Stop systematically polluting our environment and seas with unsustainable sewage treatment methods

Call an immediate halt to the planned Greater Dublin Drainage Project, which includes the Clonshaugh Sewage Plant that is to empty its effluent off Dublin’s last remaining safe swimming beach, destroying the fragile marine environment and adding to the climate crisis, at an untold financial cost –  while occupying valuable urban land during a housing crisis, and creating air contamination in densely populated urban areas.

2. Use available and sustainable, climate-friendly solutions

Instead, redirect their investment and efforts into climate-friendly sustainable models such as constructed wetland reed beds and/or willow plantations which will deal effectively with the nation’s sewage in a way that protects our environment, both on land and at sea, and creates resources that can be harvested for environmentally-sustainable energy and agriculture solutions.

3. Think local

Look at localised sustainable solutions that best suit each area, rather than large centralised plants that are environmental pollutants on so many levels.