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Stop nuclear dumping in lakes, rivers and oceans!

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Animals are going extinct because of all the waste dumped into the lakes, rivers, and oceans, Whether it's regular garbage or nuclear waste, it all hurts the wildlife that lives in and around the infected water. Animals have already been going extinct or getting endangered, and by the time I get older and have children I don't want them to miss out on all the beautiful wildlife in the world. No one wants to have to explain to their children or grandchildren that fish or other animals aren't just fictional and were once alive and thriving. Lastly, the animals in the water provide food and help our ecosystem. If they become extinct we might not have as much of a variety of food as we used to. As long as people don't hunt for just game, and we limit all the waste going into water, then we can save our Earth and preserve it for generations to come. Thank you for any support you give. 

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