Say Bye Bye to Bottom Trawling

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Bottom trawling has been known as one of the most disruptive and irreversible fishing strategies to the ocean floor as well as marine organisms and habitats. Benthic bottom trawling is the use of a heavily weighted and large net that drags on the ocean floor to catch fish. This causes direct contact to habitats such as coral reefs, sponges and sea grass. All of the life within our oceans depend on our corals for habitats, food, and protection. When benthic bottom trawling takes place, everything in its way is disrupted or destroyed.

The intense amount of dragging within benthic bottom trawling causes disruption of sediment and displaces marine organisms. Since nearly 80% of our oceans are polluted due to our land activities such as agriculture and industrial, the dragging causes pollutants to get stirred up and can be absorbed into plankton and hurt the food chain. This can cause oxygen deficient zones within our oceans.

Direct contact with a bottom trawl in use is not the only way damage can occur. Since bottom trawling uses large nets to catch their resources, it can result into “ghost fishing.” Ghost fishing happens when nets are abandoned into the ocean and continue to float around. Each year there are more than 650,000 marine animals killed or injured due to the abandoned nets of ghost fishing.

There are so many stresses on our oceans today, that aren’t allowing our species diversity to prosper to its full potential. With a ban on bottom trawling, that would be one less stress for our oceans to deal with. In order to ban such a popular way of fishing, the public needs to speak out. This petition will help show we care about the health and quality of our oceans.