Save The rainforests from deforestation

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Christian Joyce


Earth Environmental Science 

                          Save  Rain forest by slowing deforestation

Everyday we cut down trees to make new technology.  With every tree we cut down we are getting rid of more oxygen and more environments for the 50% of the worlds plants and animals. With every tree we cut down we are ruining the plants and animals and killing them. That is why we must save the rainforests.

The first reason we must save the rainforests is because they shelter more plant life and animal life than any other environment in the world. Due to the climate and The rainforests have several varieties of snakes , frogs, insects, cougars, chameleons,   turtles, jaguars and many many more animals are found in our rainforests.The majority are small insects.Some of them we can’t move to other places either. There are a lot of animals living in the rainforest and most of them depend on that environment to survive. They need the rainforest for their basic needs.We also are losing very important scientifically unknown plants. We have analyzed less than one percent of plants living in the rainforest. With the rate of deforestation we may nullify very important plants which may have the power to get rid of potentially dangerous diseases. Over 2,000 of them could be used to help find the cure for cancer. At our current depletion rate 5-10%  rainforest species will be lost every decade. That means after 10 decades there will be no more rainforest species remaining.

The second reason we must save the rainforests is because deforestation is wiping out all of our remaining rainforests.In the beginning we had around 6 million square miles of rainforest. Now because of deforestation there is less than half of that remaining in the entire world.With deforestation we lose over 80,000 football fields worth of rainforest every day. We cut down the rainforests to make room for land, colonies and industrial units(which means we are taking the good producers of air out and the bad CO2 producing air in). Due to the amount of deforestation we only have 2.6 million square miles left. While that might sound like a lot it means we have gotten rid of over 4 million square miles of rainforest land.

The Final reason we need to save our rainforest is because of its production. Approximately 57% of our rainforests are in developing countries. This is important because those developing countries need those rainforests for both living and financial reasons. Coffee, cocoa, and many medicinal products are only a few of the many things we get from the rainforests. Among those plants are some that are used in the treatment of cancer. By wiping out our forest we are getting rid of those products and eventually we will no longer be able to use or make any of these products at all which would be devastating.

In Conclusion We need the rainforests for several reasons. The plants and animals in the rainforest need the rainforest to survive.Deforestation has left us with only 2.6 million square miles of the original 6 million square miles we started with left. Finally, We need the rainforest for our everyday products we use such as medicine, cocoa, coffee, and many other important everyday products. That is why we must stop deforestation and save the rainforest from extinction







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