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LFCMS Period 7-Light for the Dakota Access Pipeline

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People are furious about the Dakota Access Pipeline and protests are getting stronger. The pipeline will be going through four major states: North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Illinois. It will also affect three major rivers including the Missouri River, Mississippi River, and Ohio River. The pipeline will start in North Dakota and will run all the way down to Illinois and because Kentucky is right below Illinois, Kentucky will also be affected. Although protests right now won’t affect anything, a petition will change something, or get us started on something much larger. We are proposing to start a petition to give back the tribes’ rights to their own land and to stop damaging the environment. Our solution to this problem is that we could build it North of Bismarck. North of Bismarck is free of any Native American land and so the Dakota Access Pipeline will not disturb anything. Although the pipeline construction using this route is a longer process, it will bring peace to both sides.            

The solution we have created will satisfy the controversy involved with the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) because this compromise guarantees that both sides of this argument will be pleased.  This resolution is composed of certain conditions - our plan is to construct the 72,000-mile pipeline away from the precious and irreplaceable territory of the Standing Rock Sioux Indian tribe, more specifically north of Bismarck. The agency, Energy Transfer Partners, could move the pipeline into a new area and in return, the Standing Rock Sioux tribe will refrain from protesting and causing commotion. One crucial factor of the tribe’s protests is the need to preserve their sacred land. The area north of Bismarck is free of any Native American tribes. It will not cause an uproar and will not disturb the tribes in any way. Even though it may take a longer time to construct the pipeline, it will cease the protests, and fighting. This would please the tribes and the pipeline workers alike. As the pipeline would be built, the Native American territory would be avoided and more jobs and money can be provided because the longer the pipeline is the more time it will take to complete, thus workers are required. In addition, the environment will be preserved because no major bodies of water are in its path. The path in which the DAPL will be built already includes 6 other pipelines in the area and the percentage of damaging or having an accident is very high. The Mississippi River, Missouri River, and Ohio River intersect with the pipeline and if the pipeline was to explode or spill, the rivers would be contaminated. Also, while manufacturing the pipeline, accidentally hitting the 6 other pipelines would be very hazardous. Therefore, creating the DAPL pipeline through north of Bismarck will silence all protests, and is a win-win situation for both parties.

If we keep trying to fight the Native Americans, we would simply be wasting time and billions of dollars in government funding, so we must act now. Our solution is a way to prevent native lands and reservations from being damaged while transporting oil to other places. If we built the DAPL in North of Bismarck, it would not intersect into any Native American lands and in return there would not be any rebelling against the project. Please sign this petition, for it can help many people going through this conflict everyday. It will prevent damage to our environment from oil spills, and bring together humanity from this conflict to make us one, united team again.

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