Save The Dingos

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My family and I were just recently at Fraser Island for a little get away, while we were there we saw 3 dingos, they came over to us and were just minding there own business. We noticed that they are extremely malnourished, their ribs were showing and they were so exhausted they could only stand up for a short amount of time. Last night (18th April) there was an attack on a 14th month old getting dragged away by a dingo. I understand dingos need to fend for themselves and not rely on humans, but we need to do something. It’s all well and good to sit there and have an opinion but what’s the point in having an opinion if you aren’t going to voice it?  Now it’s been brought up about sending the dingos to Malaysia for human consumption? I mean WHAT? I don’t understand how it has to be so complicated, leave them alone? Just leave them alone. If we want to pay the money to go and visit their home, we need to be careful and take the proper precautions to be there. Use a portion of the money to put towards them.  If we keep putting them down and killing them off how are they meant to hunt for food? How are they meant to survive? 

If we just put out a bin, all the food scraps, the food we waste, put it in a troph and have a station that they come too? FEED THEM. HELP THEM. They aren’t just acting out because they are just “wild animals” they are STARVING, they are helpless. 

This is a massive thing, they are wild nimals that are apart of the environment and Australia. Tourists come to Fraser Island to see the dingos, if you think about the future and money it’s quite simple. No dingos, no Fraser, no money. 

And we’re getting rid of them because people think someone will do something but in reality, nothing will happen because no one wants to put the effort in and do something. 

I’m not saying that it’s okay to harm people and I’m not saying it’s the people’s fault this happened. But something seriously needs to be done and we need to actually work together and make an effort!

So please sign this petition and save the dingos! ♥️