The banning of plastic bags in South Africa

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Plastic bags are the leading cause of death in marine life, not only is it unpleasant to look at on the streets its harmful to our environment.

Plastic pollution in the ocean has gotten so bad that trace amounts of microplastic has been found in aquatic life. Fish, fish that we eat, essentially we are ingesting our own litter.

It is well-known that plastic bags, along with other plastic products, cause an unnecessary amount of damage to the environment. Such as the suffocation of many terrestrial and aquatic animals, as well as the fact that the modern, widely used plastic bags can take 10-100 years to decompose.

The use of plastic bags in South Africa has been an issue that has been tried to be solved multiple times however, it has failed.

This petition aims to bring light to the damage that plastic bags inflict upon the environment.

Everyone has seen the photos, and heard the stories about the damage plastic causes to our planet, and what will inevitably happen if we don't change our products that we throw into the Earth. But the fact is just seeing it isn't enough anymore, a change needs to be made.

There is no reason that this problem deserves to be overlooked and brushed off by businesses and governments. Many civilians have put effort into changing their ways of living, which makes a small difference, but a much larger difference would be made if the people initially allowing this to happen from the get-go stopped allowing it.

We should do what we can whilst we can still do something, let's make this change for the betterment of the environment around us.