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June 3, 2010

Mr. Obama,

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I don't have a DREAM.  I have a MISSION to implement the following plan to revamp this country’s toolset for small business, and install a system to identify, nurture and realize the intellectual property that will be created by the people of this nation, all for the sole purpose of putting the USA back on top in every category, worldwide. I ask that you consider my petition to create the EIPBS CZAR.  This country’s small and medium sized businesses need support and they need it now.  I am the CEO of GenosTV (www.genos.tv), one of this nation’s most revolutionary companies.  It is my 8th business that I have started.


Rob Shambro

ShambroWest / GenosTV™ - Visionary Leader

Rob Shambro is a serial entrepreneur who has the energy and passion of a small army rather than just one man. His successful career covers a spectrum of roles, duties in a vast field of launching successful companies. He has worn the hats of executive, Board Of Director, CEO, President, founder, solutions provider, and so many more. “One title you cannot remove from Rob is leader,” said Marty Lafferty, former CEO of the NBC Olympics.

Under his direction Rob has lead numerous companies from inception to success. Companies such as Solar Night Industries (SLND), a global solar solutions provider and Focus Group Holdings, the maker of the Greedy Genius brand sneakers and apparel. He founded Infinium Labs Corporation, a publicly traded company, spearheading the design, implementation, and launch of the Phantom Gaming console. Infinium Labs and StreamSearch.com, one of the Internet’s pioneering streaming media companies. Rob is a visionary and has raised millions in financing, employed over 250 employees and has become a market leader and forged key contacts in the entertainment, media and venture capital community. A Digital Coast reporter named Rob one of the Top 100 Internet and Media Executives and to continually add a new development to his portfolio Rob Shambro developed the first ever Sundance Online Film Festival. 

March 5, 2010 ShambroWest/GenosTV Presentation at Digital Hollywood.  Lowes Hotel, Santa Monica, CA   -  Watch the ground breaking speech.  Ckick here: 


Nevertheless, let’s get to the point.  It kills me to watch what is going on in this country.  We have so many resources, so many tools and yet we are not exactly winning the game. It is time to push the button that should have been pushed a long time ago. The “Focus all of your attention to the portion of your country that was responsible for getting our country to where it is today button.” The small business!!  Money and focus needs to be allocated to the entrepreneurs and small/medium sized business owners of this country.  We are the ones creating jobs and continuing to create intellectual property that keeps us more advanced than everyone else in the world.  It is time to hand us the ball and let us do what we do best, create and build.  Let us put AMERICA back on top!!  Growth in this country is NOT going to come from big business.  We have not asked you for a check and we keep creating and building.  My calculations show that the bailout monies given out last year were over allocated by about 14%, they should have never had money left over to issue bonuses.  In my world we would have been happy to just pay our vendors.  In addition, I figure that we could have achieved the exact same outcome with 22% less money given to each company.  Each company could have negotiated down their liabilities, created payment plans and have gotten creative with their cleanup processes, not simply pay the vendor in full when the liability was not even that old.  A business would have handled things much different mostly because getting a handout is never an option.  The vendors were very powerful entities, the real picture and reason for our less than optimal bailout execution.   Just being smart about how our government hands out money could be a great place to find plenty of money to fund a stimulus package for the small business. 


Let’s promote positive energy. Let’s revamp the small business tools, get behind our nations small companies and empower the entrepreneurs, dreamers and creators to start new companies.  I took the time to write a business overview on how I believe we should do this and believe me, IT IS RIGHT.  This is a 5-year plan to get this country booming again. Total cost: $35B. This country would light up like a Christmas Tree.  Let’s run it like a business.  Minimally take this plan and put somebody in charge of executing it.  It does not have to be me. I would like to have a say so in the process.  DO IT TODAY.  JUST START.  The American people want this.  This is what a strategy coming from the government SHOULD look like.  DO IT FOR THE CHILDREN!!  


NAME OF NEW OFFICE:  "EIPBS:" THE OFFICE Entrepreneurship, Intellectual Property and Business Strategy

"Ran by business FOR business"

State of the Market:

Other countries are laughing at us, rightfully so.  Everyone here is fighting each other instead of focusing outward and competing for business.  My goal is to redirect all of this wasted energy back to where it belongs, in the marketplace.  There is no reason that this country should not be miles ahead of every country in every industry. 

Unless I have missed something, there has not been a single mention of a plan to help small business here in this country.  I have not heard of any funding whatsoever for small business.  The SBA and SBDC are broke.  The infrastructure to support the infrastructure that BUILT the country is lacking or medieval.   

Let’s tackle manufacturing also, let’s start bringing it back to this country.  We WILL come up with a solution to start building here again.  We spend all of this money creating intellectual property and then ship it overseas to be manufactured for a dollar.  Wal-Mart is a great company but to compete or sell anything to the masses today, a company has to have its product made in Asia. "Something has GOT to GIVE."

Mission Statement:

"Enable the Entrepreneurs and you will enable the economy" My goal is to create a next generation office of the Government strictly for entrepreneurs and small/medium businesses. I want to build a Keiretsu for the entrepreneurs of this nation that provides them with every tool necessary to create and build anything they can dream up. I envision 7 divisions:  Compliance, Legal, Funding, Infrastructure, Supplies and Equipment, Marketing and PR, Counseling and International Expansion.   Most importantly, I want to create a union of small business so that together they can benefit from discounted products and services and address their issues at the local and federal government issues The BEIA will become the liaison between the small/medium sized business, local and federal government and vendors, sort of a concierge service for the Management team of every business in AMERICA. 


Office of Compliance:

This office is where a new business comes first.  This is where they set up their corporation at the state and federal level, get their state and federal tax ID numbers, File 940/941 (My guess is that 50% of all delinquencies of tax filings is that the individual or company does know what or how to file.  We will revamp all of the forms and track each one of our companies).  We will evaluate all of the insurance requirements of the new company and then solicit bid from authorized and approved vendors.  Businesses will benefit from the buying power of the group.  In turn, our companies will enjoy a huge savings on EVERYTHING THEY PURCHASE.

In the case of public companies, we will help with SEC filings.  Do you realize that for a small company to the traded on the Bulletin Board it cost $250K per year to stay compliant?  In most cases the companies go out of business or loose their public trading status because they cannot afford this.  SO THE CURRENT REQUIREMENTS OF THE USA GOVERMNENT CAUSE SMALL CAPP COMPANIES TO SPEND A QUATER OF A MILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR.  I would say that is anti-business.  The government needs to subsidize some of those costs.  We need those businesses and those jobs to remain open and available.  THE PINK SHEETS----What a mess.  Pinksheets.com is a company that is destroying companies or making a market in companies that are less than adequate.  This is a case of a private entity almost playing a government role and it has to be stopped.  I propose creating a market place for Pink Sheet companies.  Give each and every one of those companies a promotional page to maintain up-to-date and accurate information on their company. In addition, categorize all the companies and make it searchable. (Maybe partner with Google, Microsoft or Yahoo on this one)   Take an unbiased approach.  This vehicle will give investors a great place to go to research on and invest in small cap stocks.  I propose building a market place like this for the BB stocks too.  THIS IS A BIG ONE and will have high priority should this office be approved.

Office of Legal Support: 

This office will provide forms for management agreements, NDA, corporate notes and filings, business contracts and funding document.  IN addition, this is an IMPORTANT ONE; we will act as a catalyst between the inventor and the USPTO.  We insist every company protect their intellectual property.  Lawsuits and larger projects will be subbed out to "authorized law firms"

Office of Funding:

Funding Solutions:  Angel Funding, Valuation, Venture Capital, Investment Banking.  The local SBA offices will hold monthly presentations for local companies wanting to start.  Companies will present for 5 minutes each at a breakfast.  The office will link up angel investors with startup companies.  Now for Series A and above: The EIPBS headquarters will authorize every VC and Investment Bank in the country.  They will have to comply with strict guidelines.  Depending upon the funding stage of each one of our companies we will determine who gets to see the deals.  Each VC will provide us a profile, which will contain their areas of interest, funding requirements, geographical location requirements etc.  Then when one of our companies decides to go for their Series A round or above we take a standardized information sheet and forward it to every funding source that accepts its characteristics.  Then when a company is ready to graduate and go public we will evaluate reverse merger, S1 or traditional IPO. In each case we have an automated process that points the company in the right direction.

Office of Infrastructure:

Startup companies need shared space, with a shared conference room, phones, fax and secretary.  I would like to procure space in every city for our incubation space, nothing fancy and located close to the current SBA/SBDC office.  Once they have outgrown this space we will have authorized lists of real-estate owners first that may take equity for rent, and next a list of real estate companies that have agreed to provide services to our clients at a discount.

Office of Equipment and Supplies:

This is the GSA office for every company.  We have already sent out for bid every item a business may need.  Imagine the buying power of the group now.  If a company needs a few laptops we know that Dell had agreed to sell EIPBS clients XYZ laptop at this price. We will do this all the way down to the paperclip.  We create the BEA store.  Every item is the lowest price.  So paperclips may come from Office Depot, paper may come from office max, etc...  No order will be too big or small and will be delivered the next day.  This office will handle postage to airplanes.  Everything will be the best price and negotiated using the buying power for the group.  Sounds good huh?

Office of Marketing and PR:

Here we may have college interns to write business plans, web sites, business cars and letter head, checks, develop logos, marketing materials, EVERYTHING.  The printing companies, PR firms and marketing firms will all be made available, with the best-priced ones first.  The EIPBS will have a member’s website, a website for the pink sheets and a website for the BB companies.  Every member will be able to create 5 pages in a standardized format that is easy to use, upload information and logos, offer ecommerce.  This could be used for a company's website at no charge.  No every business will have a website and be ABLE TO MAKE CHANGES with ease.  Imagine that.  A restaurant owner can now put up his specials of the day and change the price on the Sea Bass.  This does not sound like a big deal but it is!!! 

Office of Management Consulting:

CEOs of graduated companies and business men or women that live around a local SBA/SBDC office will provide guidance to our earlier stage companies for a nominal fee and maybe a startup can get one session a month for the first six months of their existence.  This would just be a revamping for the existing SBDC.

Office of International Expansion:

In every one of our embassies around the world we would like to have 2-3 offices that employ local business people.  These offices and their personnel are available to all of our members.  For instance, XYZ Printing is interested in expanding to London.  They contact the London EIPBS Office and receive an expansion requirements document telling him everything he will need to open and grow his business there.

My plan is a Kieretsu for this country’s small and medium sized businesses.  I may have left out a thing or two but that is a plan for this country.  If we were willing to throw away money, wouldn't it be wise to fund this.  Everyone employed at the SBA right now can stay employed but his or her focus would be to flush out and implement this new plan.  The head of the SBA could be the head of this, but the name needs to change for image reasons.  Let's give it a fresh start.  I would to be the Chairman or CZAR of this project, speak in every city at the opening of each new office and twice a year hold an awards ceremony, recognizing outstanding levels of achievements of companies throughout the country.  Maybe there could be local and national events.  Maybe hire Hollywood to make something special of it. 

Board of Directors

I would like to bring on a 13-member board to this office.  Guys like Gates, Buffet etc.  Can all give back some time and help design this plan and see it through implementation.

Cradle to Grave Approach: 

The First week of May each year, we will call it, Entrepreneurship awareness week.  CEO of our companies in every city will go present at every class in every school in their city, even to the 1st graders.  Ask the class who they think will be the next "Bill Gates' or something like that.  Take note of that child and connect with him or her each and every year as they get older.  Those kids chose that person for some reason and we should enable those minds that stick out of the crowd and try to build a "Character Set" of an entrepreneur.  When I went to school they had no idea. I performed less than perfect or something like that because I got in trouble all the time.  I WAS BORED!!!

Now ten years from now, regionally we build "School Genius".  This is where these smart kids that now everyone knows how to identify, moves from home and live at the school.  They will be nurtured and given every tool available to man.  Think of all the brilliant ideas that are foregone because these kids (a) aren’t recognized as smart, because they are usually in trouble (b) a lot of them come from poor families (c) faculty today does not know how to recognize these kids, moreover there is nothing special to do with them

I can tell you one thing:  THESE KIDS ARE NOT THE "A" students.  I can see them a mile away but I am only one person.  I may write a short book on what to look for. 

Once they graduate from k-12 Club Genius, they are free to go to college or pursue a career of their dream or they can attend a compound that I intend to build, assuming they can pass the entry exam that I have written already.  It is call "Extreme Thinking" Here is a three-page document that I wrote 6 years ago.  I always wondered what it was for now it all makes sense to me. 



Create a Plan and a System that Optimizes Intellectual Property Creation, Create a System to Identify the Geniuses Help Them Grow and Capture All of the Profound Thoughts, Protect the Intellectual Property, Monetize the Intellectual Property and Take a Percentage of the Profits of the IP to Reinvest in the Growing Geniuses System

-At the top of the brain food chain are shotgun thinkers and rifle thinkers. Nobel peace prizewinners = rifles. Shotguns see 360 nearly to the extent of the rifle if given the tools. 

-There is no cradle to grave system (I Guess I knew I was going to write this petition) for identifying and promoting visionaries. We know where to put slow children in school = special Ed, but everyone else goes into the same class. We know a 7 foot 1 inch high schooler will go to the NBA, as long as he can tie his shoes or can learn to. A guy with 8-pack abs we know is extremely in shape, as the abdominal muscles are the last to be seen. What do we do with minds? How do you see a RIPPED Mind?

-Visionaries and very intelligent children often wind up in trouble because they are bored 
Drive is the mother of all change. Vision cannot be taught. Vision and drive rarely come in the same package.

-Example: Someone can write a presidential address but stutters 
Look at our system today. Some great ideas wind up in tech transfer departments because idea creators do not know how to create businesses around them 
Idea people who do not know how to write a business plan 
People that know how to write a business plan but have no ideas, vision and or drive

-Look at the evolution of an idea, the implementation of it, the funding process and the timing: passive, active, and unknown, in that order. Implementation is the hardest today. Timing is the most correlated to success. Yet timing and the creation of an idea rarely coincide. Strike two: the wrong person usually creates a great idea. Strike three: drive is often given to un-fundable people. Timing cannot be forced. Funding cannot circumvent timing. Chasing current problems will lead to untimed ideas.


One that creates a seed, plants it, supplies the water, motivates others to water it and paints a picture in their minds of what that seed will look like 5 years from now and why they should be excited everyday to water it better. 

This country was built on intellectual property, small business, creativity, and small business. We have lost our edge. It is the fundamental problem with the country. Have you been to a SCORE office lately? I have and it is sad. Has the SBA ever helped you start a company? I have started 10 very large companies and they have NEVER EVER been of help. Why do they exist? They help you get a loan if you have credit. Small businesses have no operating history. Their idea, their plan and management are the credit. There is no bank for small business. Has any of the stimulus money been earmarked for startups? NO. They cannot afford lobbyists to sit on the hill and insert pages into bills. The Pink Sheets and Bulletin Board markets kill the small business. The amount of money required just to file the fillings is outrageous. 

It’s time to put our money, time and energy into what built this country to begin with. Every SCORE and SBA office needs to be revamped. We need to start in the schools by knowing what to look for in kids that have the characteristics of a leader. They don't necessarily have good grades. They are bored. Tax incentives need to be created for investors who invest in startups. Resources need to be available for entrepreneurs. We need to build a Kieretsu for Idea people.  

Thank you for your time and consideration,




Rob Shambro


About Genos™

Genos™ is a subsidiary of the ShambroWest Corporation, with offices in Las Vegas and Amsterdam. It was founded by Rob Shambro, Serial Entrepreneur and founder of SAVVIS, STREAMSEARCH and ILABS, Mike West, subject matter expert in consumer electronics and former technical leader at IBM, and Kevin Bachus, creator of the Microsoft XBOX.  

The company is about to revolutionize television and cable TV.  On Jan. 6, 2011 we will release GenosTV™ and TVME™** (see below) to the world.  www.genos.tv My Company will bring a ton of recognition to this country, as demand for our product is very heavy around the globe.  I spoke at Digital Hollywood to a packed house a couple weeks ago and here is a link to the speech on GenosTV:  www.genos.tv/media.html the world has NEVER seen a product more revolutionary and disruptive as GenosTV and TVME.  GenosTV is the world’s first broadband cable television provider.  After our launch, customers can buy our cable box anywhere in the world for around $100. Then they connect the box to their television set and to their Broadband Internet Connection. Next, they sign up for our television service for $7.95 and proceed to pick their language.  Now here comes the good part.  Drum roll please…put a check by just the cable stations that you watch and want to subscribe to!  Each channel costs between 2 and $3.  I don’t know about you but I only watch 3 stations. So now you’re ready to go.  Your cable bill will be around $17 per month and that includes TON of other channels and features.  Lastly, YOU THANK THE BOX™! J

TVME is a service that allows anyone in the world to create his or her own television channel for FREE.  It comes in 3 flavors:  Home, Business and Celebrity.  One feature that comes standard on EVERY box is the VLR (Virtual Living Room).  Let’s say you like football.  YOU and eight of your buddies are watching the games, each from your own home.  Each of you has a Genos box.  You invite your buddies to join you n watching the game.  Your viewing area shrinks a few inches and up comes the live faces of all of your friends.  Now watch the game and you control the screen of everyone, your able to stop, start etc...  How cool, Huh?  Think about how many lives that is going to change.  Think about all of the families that never see each other and now every Sunday night they have movies night

TVME Categories

TVME Home – Anyone in the World can make his or her television channel for FREE.  **From the onset a user will pay no money or make no money or pay no money.  If the user’s channel starts to get a lot of viewing on their channel we will move it up to the subscription offering.  At such time the user will get 50% of the gross revenues.  We are hoping that TVME creates a ton of new movie starts and I-reporters.  We also love to have a completely new cable system where all of our channels are original and exclusive to us.  We will hold challenges for producers around the world to create a new CNN, a new SPIKE, a new HGTV, etc.  This would be similar to the XM Radio model.

TVME BUSINESS – Every business in the world can make their own television channel for $195.00 per month.   

TVME CELEBRITY – Every Celebrity in the world enters into a contract with Genos to create their own TV station to be offered for subscription.  For instance, “mrsmoviestar” makes mrsmoviestarTV.  She is required to create 1 hour of video a day.  We in turn offer the channel to our subscribers for $1.00 per month.  Say she gets ten million subscribers.  That’s 10M dollars per month in revenue.  She gets 7.5M and Genos gets 2.5M




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