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Stop Sexual Harassment, Assault and Inequality to Women #TimesUp

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     Women are being segmented by the misogynistic realities of society. So many powerful voices are silenced by fear and money of powerful and successful men in the Entertainment industry. The Times Up movement brings to light women's abuse of inequality in the workplace, sexual assault and sexual harassment by these known male celebrities. 

     1 in 3 women between the ages of 18 to 34 have fallen victim of sexual assault and sexual harassment. However, 71% of these women said they did not report it. Most women in this industry face continuing challenges of inequality that are interchangeable. Now is the time to take a stand. Change is on the horizon.

     Times Up is a unified call for change where we envision nationwide leadership between men and women as equals. Times Up addresses the systemic inequality and injustice of women in the Entertainment industry who are taken advantage of like a prop. This movement was created in the hopes to let those who have experienced such actions be heard and access support and justice. In addition, we want to create gender equality in Hollywood as well as attempt to offer more ordinary and efficient solutions to workplace sexism. The Times Up movement has established a "GoFundMe" donation program for providing legal support for people who have experienced sexual assault and sexual harassment.

     What we can do together as a unified society is teach children about consent at a young age and create open dialogue for those who are a victim of sexual assault and harassment, or even the lucky women who have not had to experience such trauma. Children need to grow up learning that forcing actions onto someone else is morally and ethically wrong. Also, open dialogue generates conversation of the seriousness of sexual assault and sexual harassment and hopefully expresses a safe zone for women.

     Time is Up for those in power to have influence on whether an actor or actress should get a role only due to what sexual actions they perform on them in the back room. People should not have to give up what they hold dear, from an ethical standpoint, but be judged based on their skills and God given talents. The Time is Up for actors and actresses silenced by money and the fear of speaking out. Time is Up, abusers are being outed and the industry is changing. Yesterday we acknowledged the problem. Today we speak of the problem. Tomorrow we solve the problem. 

     "No more silence. No more waiting. No more tolerance for discrimination, harassment or abuse." 

Times Up. 

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