Iceland's Christmas advert that highlights the plight of Orangutans should be broadcast.

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This year's Christmas advert from Iceland has been banned from broadcast for being 'too political'.

The animation, originally created by Greenpeace, features an Orangutan explaining to a little girl the effects of deforestation and use of unethically sourced Palm Oil on its habitat.

The message contained within the advert is a positive and powerful one; promoting awareness of a very real problem that impacts critically-endangered Orangutans and their habitats.

Banning this advert on the grounds of its links to Greenpeace is nonsensical and petty.

In a sea of festive adverts, all vying to tug on our heartstrings in an attempt to get us to spend money we don't have on things we don't need, at least Iceland's advert has integrity and a moral message at the heart of it.

Why ban an advert that embraces exactly what Christmas should be (i.e. thinking of others, making choices that are not destructive to other living creatures, caring about the planet we live on)?! Is that so political?! 

Please sign this petition so that Clearcast can review their stance on this, lift the ban, and in so doing realise that the message the advert is trying to convey is much more important than their issues with the politics of Greenpeace.