Save Lester B. Pearson High School's Building

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Recently today there was a discussion for the English Montreal School Board (EMSB) and Pointe-de-Ile School Board to trade buildings to ease Pointe-de-Ile's overcrowding problem by swapping the Lester B. Pearson's (LBP) building with that of Jean Grou's. Jean-François Roberge (The Quebec Education Minister) stated that the EMSB had 30 days to decide on an alternative fix to Pointe-de-Ile's overcrowding problem or else he'll force the transfer of buildings. The idea is starting to gain traction with the EMSB but it remains unpopular with the populace of LBP for numerous reasons.

I am a secondary 3 student currently attending Lester B. Pearson. When my family and I heard the news about the plan of swapping buildings we felt absolutely devasted as both my sister and I attended the school and had many fond memories of the building. This school holds a big part of our community and we would not want to lose it. This is unjust as we only get 30 days to decide and legally we require an 18-month consultation to get things together and make a decision. It really hurts as we are being treated unfairly, we deserve the same rights as the French schools have. Personally, I believe if the change would happen many students would have a hard time getting used to the new building and also have a large emotional impact on us as we love our building. There may be also an effect on lateness as students need to get used to the new bus routes, although a large majority lives in the RDP area there's still a significant amount of students living outside the area. For example, students living in St. Leo would have the longest commute time out of all the other boroughs as it'll take approximately 40 minutes from the center of the borough. Many students would also have a hard time finding their classes too as there would be nobody to help them either so they need to figure it out by themselves, this would take significantly more time for our students to get used to the building. We can also lose many new students as some parents would find the area inaccessible for their children.

Lester B. Pearson is considered a second home for many students of the school and has a lot of heritage left behind by our former students. In the past, our former students had drawn murals where many of our students can enjoy till this day as some of us seen murals that our siblings once painted. The school was also one of the first ( if not the first) school that Terry Fox Foundation visited to follow Terry's legacy to end cancer around the globe.

Pearson is also the only school in the EMSB that hosts the Sport-études program which students enrolled in it get a specialized schedule where they get to practice their sport more while maintaining high academics in their classes. The school also hosts a beautiful gym which is also one of the largest ones of the school board where our students have plenty of space to move around and our Sport-études students can use. Students who have joined this program also became professional athletes in different sports leagues or have represented our country in international events.

This building is also located at a good location as it is near several bus stops, a nice park where students can relax and hang out during lunch times and it is also near many restaurants for our students to eat out at. Jean Grou which is the school that we are supposed to trade buildings with does not have many of the same restaurants that Pearson students have which has fast service which is important during lunch as students have to make the best out of their free time. The people who opposed to this are saying that transferring schools can help Jean Grou's situation but the reason this isn't the way to go is that Pearson has a compacity of 2000 students and Jean Grou has about 1000 students enrolled and Pearson has 1000, instead of transferring the students to Pearson's building, the school board wants to swap schools instead.

Parents who argue for Pearson to move to RDP says it would be more convenient for them but some of them may not have consulted their kids who are enrolled in LBP as many of my peers agree that the school should stay where it always been. In addition, the students of Jean Grou need their voice to be heard too and I'm sure that they love their building as much as we love ours.

Think about it, would you want to lose all of your school's heritage? Would you want to lose the memories that you made in your school's building and lose access to numerous great amenities that your school gave you access to? If not, please support this petition by signing and sharing it with others.

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