Streaming for the Vitality Netball Superleague

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As we enter the fourteenth year of the Vitality Netball Superleague, the UK's elite netball competition has come a long way and done much to raise the standard of the sport across the country. With the new season coming off the back of a stunning gold medal finish at last year's Commonwealth Games, there has arguably never been a more exciting time for netball in the United Kingdom.

More people than ever are looking to tune into our sport, and yet for so many this is almost impossible to do. Following opening weekend, the Superleague fixture abruptly drops back to just one televised game a week, while geoblocking renders the competition all but inaccessible to the potential international audience. 

Here in Australia, our Suncorp Super Netball competition makes use of the fantastic Netball Live app; allowing us to stream and play back every single game of the season for a relatively modest subscription fee. Even international viewers are able to use the service!

It shouldn't be so difficult to access Superleague games; not for fans, and certainly not for anyone wanting to see growth in the sport. It's time to look at how we can stream the Netball Superleague to ensure it reaches the widest possible audience. 

Netball should be for everyone. Whether its on an app or web-based, we need a proper streaming service in place for England's Superleague.