Ban killing puppies / dogs /kittens/cats / all innocent animals help change the world now

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We now been locked away in are home are own Country people all around the world are dying are fiends and family’s and people we don’t know this coronavirus as been said to come from wet markets in Wuhan China , this needs to stop it’s like mother nature has took its own time with payback and to get noticed and show the suffering that they’ve been going for for years for generations now it’s time to make a stop to this slaughtering innocent animals cage and then treating them disgusting boiling them alive this all needs to stop Let’s do this petition to stop cruelty to animals to stop the eating of all different kinds of animals to stop us Ever having to deal with a situation like this again in our lives hopefully all the countries That had to deal with this ordeal can all stick together and make a change please sign and do this for the animals and for are people family’s friends and the Future  of are children !!!  Once signed please share