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Grand Bahia Principe Bavaro in Punta Cana

Verein zur Hilfe und Förderung des kreolischen Hundes e.V.

Jun 9, 2017 — We received a call for help from a tourist who vacationed with a friend at the Grand Bahia Principe Bavaro in Punta Cana 04/29 – 05/15 2017, a hotel that is located on the same grounds with 5 other hotels of the Don Pablo Collection, the Grand Bahia Principe Punta Cana, the Grand Bahia Principe Ambar Blue, the Grand Bahia Principe Ambar Green, the Grand Bahia Principe Turquesa and the Luxury Bahia Principe Fantasia that offer altogether accommodation for about 4000 tourists. On the resort grounds there are about a great number of young unsprayed cats that live off what animal-friendly tourists give to them. A part of the staff seems to enjoy to chase them away, abuse them and – to kill them! The tourists were witnesses of the killing of a cat that had 5 kittens. They heard the cat screaming desperately in pain and agony inside a room while the kittens were running around in distress in front of the room. When they asked by-standing staff why the cat was locked away and screaming one woman indicated that the cat’s throat was cut at the moment when they heard the final, mortal scream, followed by silence. The cat was never seen again. The kittens were fed by the tourists and disappeared one by one. This is a severe offense against the Dominican animal welfare law 248-12 and is punished with 1 – 6 month jail or a fine between 5000 – 50.000 pesos. One evening the tourists were harassed by a group of 4 men from the staff who intended to scare them and who ran away quickly afterwards tearing off their name badges in fear of consequences. This incident is recorded on video and led to a meeting between the travel agent of Schauinsland where the tourists had booked their vacation and the hotel management. The result of the meeting was the decision to spay and neuter the cats and install a feeding station as the travel agent informed the tourists. This information was confirmed in an email sent to us by the customer service manager for the whole resort on 05/23/2017 who added that the staff was going to be instructed to treat the animals properly and that future offenses would have consequences. We received a letter from the travel company Schauinsland on the 05/26 2017 saying that they would ask the Grand Bahia Principe once more to contact the local animal welfare organization RescátaMe in order to realize the plans decided upon at the meeting. RescátaMe has not yet confirmed having been contacted by the Grand Bahia Principe. These hotels in Punta Cana received our petiton No more poisoned and abused dogs and cats at hotels, beaches and in communities of the Caribbean! for four years. During this time there has been contact between a manager of the resort and Rescátame without results. We approve of the resort’s plans and ask the management to put them into practice immediately and to make sure that their staff observe the law 248-12. Their guests Christina P. and Melanie P. have written review about their experiences on Tripadvisor. The English review of Christina has been deleted already! The German review of Melanie P. with the title "Eun unvergeslicher Urlaub" can still be seen under Please give it a "Like" while it's still there!
Here the text in English (of Christina's review):
------original review-------

Subject: Grand Bahia Principe Bavaro
Location: Punta Cana
Title: An unforgettable vacation!
ID#: 490096949

I stayed in the Grand Bahia Principe Bavaro in Punta Cana from April 28th – May 15th 2017 together with a friend. I don’t want to critizice here our first room that was bug-infested and had mold , a leaky roof and flooded floors when it rained because we got a better room and could have enjoyed our vacation from then on. But as most tourists we come from a country with a pet-keeping culture and cherish our four-legged friends and the way the hotel staff was treating the resort cats was unbearable. We saw about 15 unspayed cats without food and water. The staff enjoyed chasing, kicking and – killing them! We were witnesses when a cat with 5 kittens locked away in a room was screaming in agony, the kittens running around in the front in distress. When we asked by-standing staff why the cat was locked in there and screaming so terribly one of them indicated that the animal’s throat was cut just in the moment when we heard the final, mortal scream and then – silence! We neer saw the cat again. The kittens that we fed disappeared one by one. One night we were severely harassed by hotel staff when feeding cats. They ran away quickly, tearing off their name badges, apparently afraid of the consequences following this attack but we still saw that a waiter from the Ambar Blue was among them. Our complaints led to a meeting of the hotel management and our travel agent of the German company Schauinsland where we had booked. The results of the meeting: The cats shall be spayed and a feeding station shall be installed. This was confirmed by our travel agent and by the director of customer services of the resort who added that the staff was going to be trained in the right treatment of animals. It was requested by Schauinsland to contact the local animal welfare organization RescátaMe to realize these plans. We demand that the plans made at the meeting are are put into practice immediately! The Dominican Republic is a developing country and that may hold true also in regards of the treatment of other beings – but we didn’t book Third world – we booked a 5 Star and we expect that the resort adapts to their guests’ standards! Besides, the Dominican Republic has an animal welfare law that punishes animal abuse and killing harshly with high fines or jail and we expect that the hotel management makes sure that the staff abides by the law of the country!

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