Build a Calisthenics Park in Enfield Town (North London)

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A sport which has experienced an enormous surge in popularity, with approximately 45 million regular practitioners worldwide. Despite the increase in participation and Calisthenic parks in other countries, the provision of specialist training facilities (especially in the UK) are still relatively low.

Locally, there are a large number of individuals that presently train on a regular basis. They do so wherever they can, often using playground equipment or even building equipment in their own gardens. The installation of a specialist calisthenics training facility in a public space represents a very cost-effective means of promoting physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. A facility would require minimal space and maintenance yet appeal to a large number of local users. 

Calisthenic parks will make a positive impact on the local community, encourages bodyweight exercises and teaches people how to do it. It’ll bring them together – regardless of their age, gender, religion, sexuality, social status and fitness level. A gathering of people from all walks of life and ages engaged in physical movement purely for the abundance of health benefits, and they’ll be having so much fun that they won’t realize they are working out.

A community can grow each day by welcoming new and different people. Community brings people together, makes them take care of themselves and people around them and everybody can learn so much from that experience.

People will learn that exercise can be fun and free for everyone. People inside a group will feel less self-conscious and motivated. We are all influenced and influencers.

By creating a positive space for people to gather together and exercise, have fun, connect and work towards a common goal we’re creating a community – one with a profoundly positive impact. When you talk to, see or engage with someone who eats healthy you most likely are inspired and motivated to eat healthy.
This influence can happen with good or bad actions. When I workout at the park people walking by or hanging out try exercises I am doing. I became aware of this influence a few years ago before calisthenics.

 and would be a perfect spot for a Calisthenics Park.

This petition is to kindly request Enfield Borough Council to provide the space within Enfield Town which currently has no outdoor gym. 

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