Give access to contractors - Power key

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Over the past 10 years one company has been granted the contract to provide a key system for the following providers, Ausgrid , Endeavour Energy , Telstra, Sydney Water ,Jemena ,Hunter Water. 
The problem is that service technicians and contractors are not giving fast and good access. In the event of an emergency a technician is forced to force access. A list of trades people that are not able to gain access are... 
Electric tens, Telco contractors, Locksmiths, Maintenance staff, emergency workers "Fire bigrade "  
The point is that, the master key for the power / phone / Foxtell / Lift / intercom / rooms are all locked with an Abloy system and no one can get a master key.  
Professionals that need the key to do what the owners need, cannot access the rooms. Building managers and lost access cards prevent service staff from getting access.  
One day there will be a preventable disaster, if you can't turn off the power you are at risk of electrical hazards. When water and power mix you need to turn off the power. ASAP 
Every day general contractors are wasting time and money when they are prevented from doing their work, and the owners of the property are left paying excessive bills over an access issue. 
Let's get real here. If you are in a secure building and you need access, contractors should have a master key if their job requires one. Emergency or not.  
The current system is floored and required a key holder to give access, this is not a viable option for the occupant in an emergency situation or a contractor who has been employed by the building to fix issues.  
This key system is ridicules, Master keys should be issued to  
Contractors – emergency staff – trades people that need them  
This partition is to allow masters keys to be issued to any person who requires them for a fee no more than a key copy $30 or less  
In the interest of safety and the owners of the building these locks are used in.  
Currently all trades people need to find the building manager and get them to open the door, if they have the key, or contact strata if they have the key.  
This Abloy key system is floored and people need access. 
Buildings that use this system are receiving large bills from contractors that are braking doors to get access, that system is no benefit to the end user. The only people who benefit are the people supplying the locks and people repairing the damage. Customers are worse off with this system.  
Level of access is requiring for high voltage access, but for main access in most building at the moment this Abloy key systems is not practicable  
Not only do we need to pay more and more for our power , not they have made it super hard for regular people to get contractors to get access, Who is benefitting from this? Not the owners and not the contractors .  

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