We Should Reintroduce Wolves into the Wild

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            Wolves are very amazing creatures. There are two species native to the United States. Unfortunately, they were hunted towards extinction in the 1920s by early settlers of the United States. I would like to express my opinion that Wolves Should be Reintroduced into the Wild. In 1995, Scientists reintroduced wolves into Yellowstone. This was very important because Wolves are apex predators and keystone species. This means that they are at the top of the food chain and they are vital to the ecosystem. Surprisingly enough, wolves have increased the amount of vegetation in Yellowstone by warding off ungulates from places and letting all kinds of plants grow. Like a chain reaction, this increased the numbers of bears, beavers, and birds. Bears were attracted to the larger amount of berries growing and beavers and birds were attracted to the new growth of trees that they needed to survive. I hope that you can understand my point of view and hopefully learned something new! Please sign and share my petition so that the Endangered Species Act can see it. Thank you!


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