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Two more winning essays

Randy Kritkausky
United States

Dec 1, 2021 — 

First The Wall Street Journal issued an editorial responding to our petition and publishing some of our strongest points. Then we released our first winning essay. Indian Country Today published an op-ed I wrote, talking about our campaign. It’s titled “Not a kernel of truth: After 400 years it’s time to take down the monumental insult.”

Lastly, but by no means the least, we are tying up our (Re)Writing Thanksgiving contest. Last week I announced the first prize winner, an essay by retired Lutheran pastor Peter Hutchinson. His piece gently calls the nation to live up the principles that the WSJ editorial so piously pretends to wrap itself in. Here’s excerpt from a piece I wrote that I want to share with you later this week:

"And how might an individual whose life work was dedicated to advocating for the Christian faith understand what Native Americans have endured for 500 years and what both indigenous people and mainstream society need today, in the 21st century, to heal the wounds of our colonial history? Part of the answer to this question lies in the key word “both”. If we are to heal, we need to build bridges from the mainstream to indigenous communities and from indigenous communities to the mainstream. This is best accomplished if we have allies working from both directions. And ideally, if we can model perspectives that embrace and unify the experience and spirit of two often distinct worlds.

It does not matter from whence comes wisdom. Accept the gift."

Together, these winning essays form a single gift, which I am happy to share with you today. I think these three pieces are beautiful and distinct approaches to telling the complicated truth of Thanksgiving. Today I can share with you the essays from our two runners-up winners: Alexis Bunten, an Alaska Native writer who co-directs the Bioneers Indigeneity Program, and Kristen Wraback, a Native American poet who advocates for radical self-sufficiency and food sovereignty. 

Click here to read their pieces.

These are the stories I wanted to read on Thanksgiving. These are the voices I wanted to hear from: a coalition of people descended from settlers and the original inhabitants of this land, working together to correct history and fight for a more just future. 

Thanksgiving 2021 is over, but this fight has just begun. Thank you for being part of this journey. Randy

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