Petition Closed

As it is now, for a candidate to run a campaign it is not cheap. Also with an opportunity to govern comes an opportunity for others to sway a candidates opinion through financial contributions. Imagine a country in which our elected leaders made decisions based solely on how it would positively or negatively affect us as a whole. As long as any of us can remember there's been a stigma attached to politics. That stigma is corruption. From Watergate to the "C Street" scandals we've become almost immune to this negativity. I'm proposing a petition to be sent to Congress in an effort to end this greed based reality and elect peoples based on their true values and beliefs. Join me in my efforts for a truly better tomorrow.

Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
As long as I can remember there's been a stigma involved in politics. That stigma has been scandal. In an effort to fix the root of the majority of that scandal and create a system that elects our representatives based on values and beliefs I am demanding there be change. This change that we as a nation need so badly is an end to the "Pay to Play" tactics currently in use to fund a political campaign. I find myself wondering exactly how many executive decisions are made based SOLELY on the good of the American people. Furthermore, exactly how many decisions are based on who's interests are financially profitable to the incumbent and those in which he is lobbying for. In this legislation I would recommend a system that puts a cap on personal as well as company contributions. Something to the sound of $250. Personal contribution and $500. Company contribution. Then furthermore to assist in the high cost of a campaign, the Federal Government would match each of those contributions up to four times the contributed amount. I know you and I want nothing more then to see this country thrive and prosper, and I truly believe that this is a step in the right direction. Thank you for your time and I hope you to join in the efforts for a better tomorrow.