End Racial Discriminatory Reporting Practices at City Pulse News

End Racial Discriminatory Reporting Practices at City Pulse News

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It's time for CP24 and affiliates to report without racial bias.

The latest example is with the murder of Mohamed Sow on July 10th 2020. CP24 made reference to this incident on their twitter account, using a mugshot of this VICTIM. Sow is Black.

However, when reporting on crimes involving White victims (and white accused criminals), CP24 uses photos which do not criminalize those involved. Examples include using a smiling photo of accused murderer Bruce McArthur, pictured in his home, a man who murdered eight people. Another, the murder of Norah and Romy Carpentier, reported by CP24 using the girl's school photos while picturing their father accused of their murder, in another casual smiling picture. Pat Musitano, Epstein, Roger Stone, victims of the Brampton crash in late June...the list goes on; non POC either accused or as victims pictured in photos that do not criminalize them as they shouldn't be, versus POC being reported on.

There are many examples of this pattern exhibited by CP24 and Canadian media at large...the media of the same country who profess racism does not exist. Enough's enough.

CP24 has been called out time and time again about such practices regarding reporting where POC  (specifically Black) are involved. We are tired of it, and call for CP24 to 1) acknowledge and stop such racial discriminatory practices immediately 2) publicly apologize to the POC and affiliated communities within their viewership and 3) Make a contribution to the funeral costs of Mr Sow as a sign of goodwill to family that must be already going through so much pain, to also endear how their dead son is being displayed by CP24.

Come on Canada. Be who you profess to be...starting with you, CP24.