Petition Update

New York Times coverage -- and progress in DC

Jaha Dukureh
Atlanta, GA

Jun 24, 2014 — A lot has happened since my last update! Two weeks ago, I joined Rep. Joe Crowley and Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee as they sent a letter signed by over 50 members of Congress to the Obama Administration supporting the demands of our campaign. I was also able to meet with the Department of Health and Human Services along with other government agencies and policymakers. Everyone I talked to was interested in supporting our work, but we need to keep the pressure up to ensure that they follow through with action to protect girls.

Check out New York Times coverage of our campaign and keep signing and sharing the petition. You can also tweet your support for the petition ( to President Obama at @BarackObama.

A Fight as U.S. Girls Face Genital Cutting Abroad
A Fight as U.S. Girls Face Genital Cutting Abroad
ATLANTA - Last summer, an American-born teenager of Somali descent fled her parents' home in a suburb here after she discovered that a coming vacation to Somalia would include a sacred rite of passage: the cutting of her genitalia.