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Wyoming Officials Need to hear from You Again!

Anja Heister, Ph.D.
Missoula, MT, United States

May 20, 2019 — 

Dear Friends,

Right now, as you read these words, it is perfectly legal in the state of Wyoming to use snowmobiles or any other recreational vehicle, and chase down wild coyotes or wolves until they collapse from physical exhaustion. And, if that’s not enough, the animals can then be run over relentlessly with the machine, injuring them until they die.

However, because of your letters, phone calls and emails, one new and progressive Wyoming legislator drafted a bill that would end this horrific behavior in our state. Tragically, the bill was not introduced by the Speaker of the House—it was “shot” down.

Your massive support of this petition caught the attention of the LA Times, see article here:

We didn’t give up! Following continued letters and pressure to review this bill, the Management Council recommended the “wildlife harassment” topic for review and draft language for the 2020 legislature to the Travel, Recreation, Wildlife and Cultural Resources (TRW) committee.

But in an unbelievable and outrageous move, they eliminated “predators” (coyotes, wolves, foxes.)  from consideration under “wildlife harassment”, which defeats the purpose of our campaign to end “coyote whacking” in Wyoming! 

Representative Albert Sommers stated: “I’ll take predators any way I can take-em. So I’m probably a NO on this.”

Such an unethical anti-predator stance is unacceptable … decision-makers in WY need to hear from us!

What We Need You to Do:

Please contact Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon, Rep Albert Sommers, Wyoming legislators, members of the TRW committee, Office of Tourism and the WY Fish & Game Department/Commission and the Animal Damage Management Board.

It is crucial to write and talk not in an accusatory but rather persuasive tone (I know, I know … but let’s do it for the animals!).

What to say:

“Although the majority of hunters may be ethical and respectful of wildlife, chasing wild animals and running them over to kill them is against fair chase principles and reflects poorly on hunters, and the state of WY. In order to end this inhumane and brutal practice, I respectfully request a legislative bill to be drafted by the TRW committee and introduced for consideration by the 2020 legislative session.”

Contact info:

1. Governor Mark Gordon;; Ph: 207-777-7434

2. Representative Albert Sommers: Ph: 307-360-7060

3. Representative Mike Greear: Ph: (307) 388-3399

4. Chairman Sen Ogden Driskill: Ph: (307) 680-5555

5. Other Wyoming legislators: (copy and paste),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


4. Travel, Recreation, Wildlife and Cultural Resources (TRW). The committee will discuss this topic during three meetings this summer June 27-28, August 1-2 and October 2-3).  Encourage them to consider the welfare of all Wyoming’s wildlife, including predators.  Always be respectful

Chairman Sen Ogden Driskill: (307) 680-5555
Chairman Rep David Miller: 
Sen Liisa Anselmi-Dalton: (307)389-4496
Sen Glenn Moniz: (307) 760-1116
Sen Jeff Wasserburger:  (307) 680-2945
Rep Roy Edwards:  (307) 680-4290
Rep Jamie Flitner:  (307) 765-2148
Rep John Freeman:  (307) 875-7378
Rep Bill Haley:  (307)745-0450
Rep Sandy Newsome:  (307) 272-1676
Rep Richard Tass:  (307) 620-2551
Rep John Winter:  (307) 690-0185
Rep Mike Yin:  (307) 201-9897

5. Office of Tourism and tell them you will travel elsewhere if this brutal practice is not banned.

6. Wyoming Game and Fish Commission, and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.  Ask them to speak up to address “wildlife harassment” to include ALL wildlife in Wyoming, including predators (coyotes, wolves and foxes….).,,,,,,

Wyoming Game and Fish Department Director

WGFD Communications Director 

7. Animal Damage Management Board

Voting members:

Brian Nesvick, 307-777-4579, 307-631-1845
Doug Miyamoto, 307-777-6569
Kent Drake, 307-690-3983
Mike Foster, 307-261-5336
Bob Harlen, 307-267-9571
Garrett Falkenburg, 307-358-5851
Sy Gilliland, 307-206-4229
Bob Phillips, 307-674-5601
Jeff Boner, 307-358-5330
Ron Cunningham, 307-332-5401
Shaun Sims, 307-789-4859
Gay Lynn Byrd,
Kevin Kisicki, 307-630-7491

Non-Voting members:

Tyler Abbott,
Sandra Underhill,
Brad Jost,

On behalf of Wyoming’s wild animals, THANK YOU!

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