Encourage Youngstown State Athletics to institute Serious Misconduct Rule.

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A recent investigation has brought to light that a former student disciplined for sexual assault was hired as an assistant coach for the men's and then women's tennis teams. This disregard for sexual assault victims has become a disturbing pattern for Youngstown State who previously recruited a convicted rapist to the football team as well as keeping a domestic assaulter on staff. The University needs to put its students before its athletics. A policy change in student and employee involvement would be a step in the right direction to show that the university hears the students complaints and is doing something to gain our trust back. 

Recently, The Big Sky Conference adopted a Serious Misconduct Rule which prevents individuals with a history of convicted violence to receive athletic-related financial aid or participate in practice or competition.  

“The Serious Misconduct Rule aligns with the Big Sky’s mission to provide a quality collegiate experience for our student-athletes while focusing on their safety,” said Big Sky Commissioner, Andrea Williams. “This rule sets the tone and expectations the Conference has for its institutions. The Big Sky is taking ownership and accountability for the culture we create and reputation we project on campus, within our community and in our conference. We are most proud that this step supports the commitment that our Student-Athlete Advisory Committee has already taken to address and end violence on campus.”

We challenge Youngstown State to become a leader again and institute a Serious Misconduct Rule for all athletic activities and hiring processes.