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Log In to the REAL World. Stop Internet Addiction!

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Two decades ago, people who were paid members of a technology industry have the capability of spending most of their leisure time on the computer. However, things changed due to continuous advancement of technologies. Browsing the web or surfing through the internet has become a past time in social, behavioral, and mental aspects of life. Most of the users are connected to other people through social media. They are influenced personally and their perspective were changed. This phenomena of compulsive internet use has been defined as "internet addiction" since it is somehow similar to the common addictions like smoking, drug abuse, and gambling. Some psychologists, like Kimberly Young, Ph. D and David Greenfield, Ph. D, have claimed internet addiction as an actual disorder.

This 2018, our group, the Empowered Alliance, is launching a campaign about internet addiction named "Reconnect in Real Life" #LogInToTheRealWorld. As senior high school students and part of our country's youth, we want to help in raising awareness of the consequences and risks that are associated with inappropriate Internet use to our fellow teenagers. People nowadays become more and more disconnected from reality and incapable of living authentic experiences out of the online world. “Being connected” has turned into a compulsive need, the very definition of addiction. By that, this campaign compares being connected to a device all day to being possessed by an evil spirit that prevents the person from being authentic and leading a normal life.

"Reconnect in Real Life" aims to lessen and prevent further increasing population of teenagers addicted to internet. As we promote this campaign, our group will reach more teenagers and encourage them to be responsible users of internet.

For more information, you can reach our group through our website wherein you can follow the latest updates about the campaign as well. We also welcome financial support, just call Jerome Sombilon in the numbers 0947 287 0622 and 570 6522 or you can visit us personally in our school in Taguig Science High School main branch, Barangay San Miguel, Taguig City.

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