Fingertip Length: Its Time for a Change!!!!

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There are so many reasons we parents want to "go to battle" for our children.  Bullying, Discrimination, Racism, Sexism, among many other reasons.  What happens when your child falls into more than one of these categories. We do something about it!!! WE MAKE A CHANGE!!!  The school dress code is outdated, unfair, and not only discriminates against taller children but is also a sexist rule!  There are very few clothing stores that specialize in fingertip length style shorts for tall individuals outside of basketball shorts and Aruba shorts.  Lets face it not many young girls are willing to wear either of these.  The other options for these girls are jeans in 80 to 100 degree weather.  This poses now a health issues such as overheating, heat stroke, fainting, etc. Especially in our outdated schools where half of the building (or all of the building) does not even have Air Conditioning.  Why fingertip length?  Are the shorts causing a distraction? To whom? Boys? Teachers?  Many of these girls are wearing shorts solely based on that is what is available to them.  They are not wearing them to cause a distraction and heaven forbid my daughter wears normal shorts and causes a distraction in the learning environment. Sexist? YES!!!  My daughter's arms are just like long as her legs.  I have a 36 inch inseam to shine some perspective on this matter.  This is a necessary change that will only happen if we speak out against it.  I am not asking for uniforms. I am not asking for complete elimination of this code but  an alteration to very outdated dress code.  For example shorts/skirts/dresses must be mid thigh....Another example: shorts/skirts/dresses must be 10 inches in length from the top of waistband. These are two examples of how this code can be changed to benefit the school and the students.  There would be a general understanding and this would not discriminate based on gender or the difference in body types.  I really hope that this petition can help change a very outdated code!!!  

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