Stop the destruction of the Haute Corbieres

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Electricity De France Energie Nouvelle (EDF EN) are trying to push through a project to site a wind farm in the middle of the beautiful and unspoilt High Corbieres (Haute Corbieres)

This is a site listed as important to bird population, including Golden Eagles, by the European Commission in its Natura 2000 scheme. It is equally important for the local flora such as rare orchids.

This is an area that has few villages and little local work. Many of the people who live here do so because of its natural beauty and remoteness. Day to day things like going shopping, to work, or taking the kids to school become chores but are endured because of the peace and tranquillity that the area affords its residents. The quality of life is good and simple.

This will be completely destroyed if EDF EN, in conjunction with some local councillors, get away with steamrolling through their project to place 30, 125 metre tall, wind turbines, and the ensuing infratructure, in the middle of this pristine countryside. EDF EN has already signed rental deals with these local authorities without the local residents being consulted.

The area is currently being considered by UNESCO because of the abundance of historic Chateaux from the Cathar period, if EDF EN get their way this unadulterated historic heritage will be lost.

Whilst wind power may generally be a good thing, it cannot possibly make economic sense to place them in such a difficult terrain, with so little existing infrastructure and so far from the centres that will use the electricity produced. There has to be better options.