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Killing wolf pups doesn't protect livestock

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The French government allowed the cull of 40 wolves to protect livestock. This is against the advice of scientists and the National Conservation Commission. The French people exprimed their dissatisfaction about this plan during the public consultation very clearly. And even your own Environment minister said that this cull does nothing to protect livestock. Recently 3 only 3 month old pups have been shot in the Alps Maritimes department. This misguided wolf plan is not only endangering the wolf population in the whole Alps (including neighboring countries), it is also creating more tensions between pro wolf activists and wolf haters. Since the previous government began with this intensive wolf cull, the damage to livestock was rapidly increasing. That's what scientists predicted will happen when members of a wolf pack are being killed and the surviving animals more addicted to easy prey. If you don't want to put the wolves to extinction, the only way to decrease damage is protecting livestock. The National Conservation Commission said in its report that the sheep herds are too large and doing more damage to biodiversity than good. You promised to listen to the people and you promised that science will guide your way. Now please take action to show the world that not only India can protect its tiger, but that France can protect its wildlife too.

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